“Vet Guru” and Medical Marijuana Veterinarian Dr. Doug Kramer Dead at 36

According to on.AOL.com, Dr. Doug Kramer, aka “The Vet Guru” of Chatsworth, CA passed away on Thursday Aug 22, 2013.  He was only 36 years old.  So far I haven’t been able to find any information on the cause of death.  His obituary doesn’t specify, but does request donations be made to a cancer organization.drdoug

Dr. Kramer was a pioneer in medical marijuana for pets suffering from pain and/or cancer.  He has been featured on pet friendly sites like Dogster and Paw Nation. I’m sure he endured a lot of criticism for his efforts.  Personally speaking, I think it is a terrible loss, and hope that others take up the cause and continue to pioneer the research into this controversial “wonder herb” as it pertains to animals.

I did a blog post on Dr Kramer “Would You Use Medical Marijuana For Your Golden Retriever?” back in April of this year, including a poll.  93% of the voters (at the time of this post) say they would consider using it if their pet were suffering.  While you are here, why don’t you vote..

Dr. Doug’s last tweet was on August 16.

Dr Kramer also promoted holistic pet strips.  Here is a video (with a very unfortunate theme song, I might add…sorry!  You’ve been warned..!)

Thanks for your efforts, Dr. Kramer.


7 thoughts on ““Vet Guru” and Medical Marijuana Veterinarian Dr. Doug Kramer Dead at 36

  1. I was also unable to find any info re: Doug Kramer’s untimely passing. A friend-of-a-friend said the cancer donation was for in memory of another family member.

  2. I am in Australia and spoke with Dr Doug many times about his work with cannabis and cancer treatment in animals. His humanity and passion and generosity of spirit I will always remember.
    Go with the angels mate. I will be looking for that critter that comes my way letting me know all is well in your new world.. I will be looking. RIP mate

  3. He was one of our dog’s vets, he was the most amazing vet in the world!!!!! We all loved him! I always thought it was funny how we would bring our dog in for an ear infection and you could barley see it but I (14-year-old girl) could tell there’s an ear infection. He would always say no need for a follow up, if your little vet in trailing here says he’s good. He WILL be MISSED!!!!!! We all love him so much he was such a great vet!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO young!!! so so young!

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  5. Thanks Doug Kramer! We lost a very important man!
    Trying to go your way, trying to give animals this important medicine cannabis I built up the CAT-group in Germany. Animal doctors shell given the possibility with research to use cannabis at animals. To get professional results with using cannabis at animals.
    The goup is now just a few weeks old. But there is a lot of support and I am looking forward to get cannabis succesful for our animals! Also if it will be a long walk.

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