Tucker and I Took the “Leave-It” Challenge, and Passed!

Does your dog have self-control?  Can you place his or her favorite treat inches away and snap a photo?  What a great challenge!

I came across this blog post from a great blog called It’s All About Dogs while browsing dog blogs today, and it seemed like a great idea!.  I Googled “Leave It Challenge dogs” and came upon this cute blog post from another blog called  Lynne’s Letters of various dogs posing with their favorite food. Can you and your dog pass the “Leave It” Challenge?  Share this post with your other dog friends and see if they can complete “The Leave-It Challenge”.  It’s fun, regardless of the breed!!

Here’s Tucker watching intently while I position the kibble…


And here I am in action, placing the kibble, and telling him what a good boy he is the whole time.  He is only just over a year old, and for a golden retriever, this is extreme self control.  Keep in mind, he also has the photographer flashing photos behind him in the background.


And here he is, challenge complete.  Milliseconds after this, he went for the kibble, (I quickly said “good boy!!!!!)  and I got 90 percent of it, praised the heck out of him some more, and gave him a small piece of cheese!!  Good boy Tucker!!


Yes, I AM wearing flannel pajamas and a pink sweatshirt, it IS Saturday night! (these photos are courtesy of my boyfriend and his fancy-dancy camera)  Now if only he could leave the shoes, socks, food on the counter, eyeglasses,contact lenses, prescription pills, ……

8 thoughts on “Tucker and I Took the “Leave-It” Challenge, and Passed!

  1. Yay!!! Way to go Tucker!! I mean, lasting milliseconds totally counts in dog world…In dog time, that’s like 15 minutes worth of life. You should be proud because I think my golden would be eating the kibble as I set them out, trying to spell it.

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