The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever, Dinner Thief!

Tonight I made a beautiful stuffed pork tenderloin, served on a bed of spinach and cheese risotto, with a side of spinach and arugula salad, complete with toasted almonds.  It was a labor of love…


I sat down to watch the Leafs game and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Needless to say I had an audience.


Just when I thought I had enough shots and it was safe, I attempted to put down my ipad.


Somehow, I managed to capture this:


Tucker managed to get one pork medalion.  My fault, I know…here is his punishment!  Go Leafs!


7 thoughts on “The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever, Dinner Thief!

  1. Go leafs go! I assume you named him Tucker after Darcy Tucker??? 🙂 I put a leafs jersey on my golden haha he was not impressed. On the bright side he won’t even let an Ottawa jersey hear him hahaha

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