Shawn Booth from last season’s The Bachelorette and his Golden Retriever “Doodle”

If any of my readers are fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, they may know who Shawn Booth is. He’s basically the guy who called a guy “the other guy” earlier this year on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and he proposed to her at the end.  She said yes!  (Yay for the super cool Canadian girl being selected).

I wasn’t a big fan of him on the show, I wanted “the other guy” but I have definitely changed my mind.  I blame editing for that anyways…l

Shawn has an 8 year old golden retriever named Tucker,..or maybe Doodle. He goes by both.  He seems to go everywhere with Shawn, like his true best fried. If you look through his Instragram pictures there are several of him and his dog.  They are actually kind of hilarious,  Bachelor fan or not.  Check them out.

David Doodlehoff. #Baywatch

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Yesterday was Tucker’s 8th birthday! 

It seems Kaitlyn and Tucker get along well.

Here is a video of the three of them.  You can’t help but smile when you watch this!

Shawn’s dog has his own Instagram page @tuckerdoodledog

This is my house #BewareOfDog

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Even as a puppy, Tucker was a well trained boy.  This gem is from 2009 from Shawn’s YouTube channel.

Wishing them all the best of luck!