New Things Happening At The Daily Golden

If you are a regular blog follower on, this post is specifically for you. I’m currently at a loss because I have switched from to self-hosting at Bluehost and seem to have lost the “community feel” of my initial followers and friends. I’m talking Harper Lee, Grady, The Sundog Drift, DogDaz etc. Are these people still seeing my blog? Will they still continue to visit? These have been the most intimate blogging relationships I have had over the last two years.mallard

Do me a favor if you see this post fellow bloggers? Comment, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram message, or email me at – whatever you like to let me know you are still out there and I will make sure to specifically follow your blogs via email. I do not want to lose touch. This is difficult for me, but a decision best made sooner rather than later.

Please stick with me as I face these changes and keep up with all these goldens. They are all so wonderful and generally sweet.

Oh, and please feel free to visit my new page called “Stuff We Like” and recommend products I should add.   While you are there, buy something!.   Amazon is going to boot me if I don’t get any sales soon. (shameless plug).

WordPress followers, you are truly treasured.  Hope you get this.

18 thoughts on “New Things Happening At The Daily Golden

  1. Yep, I still see it. I get the notices all the time. I don’t get to blog much myself these days but I try and make the rounds a couple times a week at least to like posts and let people know we’re still around 🙂

    • Oh Grady your rescue story is one of my favorites. Perhaps I could share it sometime! Heading over to subscribe to your blog. And don’t stop keeping us posted. (I’m considering a trip to value village to pick out some formal attire for Tucker for the “formal dress” photo challenge..)


    • Thanks! I’m not sure if you subscribed via Reader or email, but you still received the post, so yay!

  2. I received this blog post through email. Please keep us posted on how you like Bluehost. WordPress frustrates me sometimes but I am so new to the blogging world that I’m still figuring out my options. Keep up the good work I enjoy your posts both through your blog and Facebook.

    • Thanks! For me someone like me who has no coding or seo knowledge, I have only great things to say about WordPress. I enlisted the help of the “happiness engineers” and was almost seemless.

  3. I am not a blogger but I love your posts. Anything “golden” is good to me. Joy

  4. You are no longer in our WordPress feed, you are no longer in my WP reader. I have tried to figure out how to get all the blogs I love in one feed but it just doesn’t work. I follow you on my personal facebook now (Lorian) and that is how I see you daily. Why did you move? To monetize? To customize? Just wanted to know. I teach a class in blogging and warn people about WP’s greatness and its faults. I’ll be reading, don’t worry, you’re blogfamily.and the blog is looking marvelous. – Lorian, DogDaz Mom

    • Hi Lori. Thanks. I moved because I wanted to try Google Analytics and adsence, as well as some other monetizing stuff. Some people are getting errors when trying to comment, and I have lost many photos, mostly instagram ones on some of my posts. My head feels like its about to explode with all the new info, but I am working on it slowly but surely.
      I love your blog as well!

  5. Hi, I am a fellow wordpress blogger and I follow your blog thru bloglovin so no difference on my end I still get to see all your posts. Love your blog.

    • Bloglovin! Forgot about that. Another way to stay in touch with the blogging community. Thanks for commenting and keep in touch!

  6. Switching from WP to WP self hosted can be bumpy. Look into linking your new WordPress site to your old name.

    As you can see below, my self-hosted blog is linked to my old WordPress account and some people still subscribe that way.

  7. Note from Harper Lee’s mommy: We’re here!!! I’m getting your blog through Miss Lee’s email ( Unfortunately, I have been the worst administrator ever and had no idea that her email account had been deactivated in April (I know; I’m totally ashamed). But I’ve reactivated it and have made a vow to become more organized and stay on top of things. I’ve missed you, and I’m so happy to know about your new endeavors and so happy to have reconnected. 🙂

    • Thanks Suzanne! I still receive your blog via email too. Hope you are having a great summer 🙂

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