How Long Do Your Golden Retriever’s Stuffed Toys Last?

I love seeing pictures of golden retrievers snuggled up with their “stuffies” or just carrying them around in their mouths. Sometimes they have a whole toy box of these things.

This is not the case with Tucker. I think the longest one of those things has lasted in our house was maybe a week.

Do you know of any “indestructable stuffies? Maybe if he had a whole bunch, he wouldn’t destroy them. We only buy one at a time.

Hopefully when Tucker is a bit older he will go easy on the stuffies, but for now, its fun to watch him destroy his “prey” like the stuffed mallard. (RIP mallard)


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11 thoughts on “How Long Do Your Golden Retriever’s Stuffed Toys Last?

  1. My Golden Gideon was given a stuffed lamb to keep him company the first night away from littermates. He is now almost 3 and the poor lamb is dead. No stuffing at all. I point out though that he was perfectly content to carry it around until a friend insisted on using it as a tug toy with him. I was not happy with our human friend, the rule was and still is stuffies are foe fetch not tug and she knew that. Dead or not he still carries lamb around all the time. Boyfriend has offered to re stuff lamb and sew it back up An extra kind gesture since I’n not sure he’s ever sewn anything before.

  2. Believe it or not, we have monkeys (that’s what we call stuffies) that are almost 20 years old. Seriously. Yes, once in a while a puppy murders ones, but that’s very rare. That doesn’t mean they’re not played with. My three retrievers generally have one in their mouths. I’m the one that gets bored and buys new ones anyway 🙂

  3. I don’t have a Golden, but I can tell you that my Cavalier rips the stuffing and squeaker out of every toy she owns, except one, her Panda, who is her baby.

  4. When Luca was a puppy we gave him a stuffed lion which was twice his size, after sneaking around it he pounced and ripped out it’s eyes! during the next 2 days he completely destroyed it. (I think it spooked him? he never destroyed a soft toy again) 🙂

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  6. Look for “Chew Guard Technology”, I think it’s Go Dog Company. My goldens have a dragon stuffie that is going on 6 or 7 years old now. I had one who would carry them around and be so gentle and a female who surgically destroys them, especially with squeakers. But the dragon has survived, thus earning him the name Puff, the magic dragon.

  7. My golden has ripped stuffies to shreds within 5 minutes ever since she was 6 months old. The only thing that lasted was an unstuffed fox given to her by Grandma a couple of years ago for Christmas. It lasted about 6 months.

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