Happy Golden Retriever Day! Here’s some great golden pictures…

It’s been a busy day celebrating, but in honor of “International Golden Retriever Day” here are some photos from some of my Instagram friends who were generous enough to share photos of their sweet goldens!  Enjoy!  (These photos are in no particular order..)

Artie from @jbzl10x3lzl


This sweet face is from @johnnymanni


Sarah says “What? Today is International Golden Retriever Day?  Isn’t that every day? from @karendj87


Kaci loves the snow! from @mettlermc


and so does Molly! from @jacyosbornmollyLove everything about this photo of Jessie from @runchick jessie

These two boys are from Finland, and their photos are some of my favorites! Benji and Bablo from @hejddi


Pippin and Oatmeal from @goldengoodnessinfinity seem to be having a great time!


Enzo from @goldensdopark is going full out!!

enzo For more great golden photos, follow @TheDailyGolden on Instagram.  Did you do anything special to spoil your golden today?

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