Golden Retrievers in US Politics. Who is More “Golden”?

It’s election time in the United States of America.  Here in Ontario, most of our channels are American.  I shamelessly confess I follow their politics closer than my own Countries’. (yawn)  Tucker and I were glued to both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention.  Those were some pretty intense speeches.  My favorite so far are Marco Rubio and Michelle Obama.  And how about Clint Eastwood?  I’m leaning slightly one particular way, but I’m not going to get into politics on this blog.  This is about the dogs.  Here is what I have compiled so far as far as Golden Retrievers in US politics.  Who is more “Golden”?

Ronald Reagan with “Victory” on the ranch (Republican)

Gerald Ford with Liberty in the Oval Office (Republican)

White House Photograph Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Library

Leon Panetta – US Secretary of Defence – Golden named Bravo (this little guy still frequents The Pentagon)  Could a golden get much darker?  Some sources call him an Irish Setter.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that….(Democrat, former Republican)

Elizabeth Warren (Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate) and “Otis”  I like this woman already.

photo: Pander Paws

US Senator John Thune (with his brother Tom’s Golden’s)  Great photo opp John! (Republican)

photo from Pander Paws

Republican Congress candidate Martha McSally and her precious golden Penelope…

How’s this for a campaign:

Former Sen. John Edwards and a Golden Retriever named “Bella” (Democrat)

Although I’m sure this is an incomplete list, so far its Republicans:  3   Democrats: 3

(I’m not going to count John Thune, as they weren’t his goldens, but it was a great photo op!)

I tried to do some research on Prime Minister pets in Canada…Stephen Harper and his wife love cats, John Chretien had a Scottish Terrier and a Cat (which caused much controversy) and other than that, there is no real history on the pets of 24 Sussex Drive, even as far back as Brian Mulroney….If anyone can provide me with such information, especially pertaining to Goldens, that would be much appreciated….

If there are any Golden lovers out there who know of a politician, athlete, actor, or other public figure with a Golden Retriever, please send me an email to or comment on this post.  Would love to add to the list.  I’m sure there are more.   Also, if my research is incorrect, please correct me.


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    Our family is VERY political here in the heart of America. While we are not “for” a particular party, we “are” totally against the Democratic party from it’s very racial, slavery supporting beginning, and, black lynching, and abortion pushing agendas… We are against BIG government and especially it’s involvement in the dog business. PETA & OSHA have no common sense. They are trying to get rid of the small, loving hobby breeders and pushing everyone in the USA into “sanitary” puppy mills. (our $ 0.02)

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