Golden Retriever Rescued from Ledge

Bangor, MAINE – On Wednesday Sept 4 around 6 pm, some passers-by noticed a scared and muddy golden retriever who appeared to be stuck on a roadside ledge and flagged down a police officer.

Bangor Fire responded and did their best to help the dog down using a 24 ft ladder.  The dog was re-united with his owners and did not meed medical attention, just a bath.  Apparently it had escaped a nearby home and had been missing for about 2 hours.

3 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Rescued from Ledge

  1. That’s great! Good for the passers-by who saw her and hooray for the firemen and the police officer who helped her. With all the crud that they have to deal with every day, you just know helping a sweet dog like that and her family gives them such joy!

  2. Hey… that’s Oliver’s hometown – maybe we know that doggy. Obviously this wasn’t my Oliver, but well done to the local rescuers!

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