Golden Retriever Poisoned at the Park

Boulder County, Colorado – Amos, a 6 month old golden retriever was playing at Buckingham Green Park when his owner noticed him eating something on the ground.


It was a meatball with green pellets in it, believed to be rat poisoning.

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Amos was rushed to the vet, where he stayed the night, and he appears to be recovering well.

At least two other dogs have eaten the poisoned meatballs, and Animal Control officers have searched the park and found more meatballs along trails and under trees. Local residents who have attended the park recently with their dogs are being encouraged to have them checked out. Hopefully they can find the person responsible for this. So scary!

Anyone with information on the incident should call the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office at 303-441-4444.

15 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Poisoned at the Park

  1. Dog poisonings seem to happen all too often – I can’t even begin to imagine what goes through the mind of someone who would do this. Were they walking in the park and stepped in some poop? Do they simply hate dogs (or animals in general)? I hope whoever is responsible is found and punished severely. The fines and/or penalties are not nearly enough for crimes (yes, crimes) of this kind, but thankfully some places are smartening up and upping the fines/penalties for animal cruelty. Disgusting.

  2. I am so glad that beautiful golden sweetheart is getting better. If and when they find the animal who made up these meatballs, one can only hope that he/she is made to eat their own concoction and get good and sick themselves. Those wonderful four legged friends/family members could have died. The stupidity and cruelty of the human animal never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Wow,you certainly are lucky to have gotten her to a vet. She is beautiful What the heck is wrong with people? Cruel and mean and must hate dogs.. Our friend’s dog was also poisoned by something about 5 months ago, up in Northern Calif, but never found what it was. I hope they find the person who did that to your dog. They need to be held accountable punished

  4. People who can not be kind to an animal who is trusting should not be a part of society. If they catch this person, it should be treated as attempted murder.

  5. this is so disturbing. And my husband wonders why I am so worried about making sure our garage and doors are locked during the day when we are gone. People are wicked and it scares me. I had friends who had their dog poisoned in thier own back yard. Two One-year-old Springer Spaniels. no reason, just horrible. Having a Golden who Ingests first and asks questions later, this terrifies me! thanks for posting! _ Trish

  6. Poor dog! I can’t imagine who would be so sick and cruel. Hoping for a full recovery for this precious little one.

  7. What kind of person would want to do this? there are people who I would cheerfully poison but I have never met a dog who deserves such horrible treatment.

  8. Why do this? Seriously, why would anyone want to do it? What do they get out of it? Nothing but causing hurt to an innocent creature and distress to their handler. People like this need to be stopped.

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