Golden Retriever Experiences Virtual Reality – Cruel or Not?

This golden retriever Max is trying out some virtual reality goggles.  I found this video on People Pets, along with a Part 2, showing some of the scenes the dog was subjected to.

In the video comments, many are calling this animal abuse, and saying the dog is in distress.  Personally, I have seen worse.  What do you think?

One thought on “Golden Retriever Experiences Virtual Reality – Cruel or Not?

  1. OK, there’s been worse animal abuse, but this is stupid, and the dog doesn’t like it one bit – Goldens are notorious for not wanting “things” put on them and the fact that the dog just sits there and pants, with the owner all the while giving him little scratches is crazy! Half the time this thing is not even on the dog’s eyes and what really is the point – this is a dog – happy in it’s own life, dogs don’t need virtual reality, and obviously people don’t either if they can’t deal with actual reality. I don’t like this. Would never do it to my Golden. The two choices for answers don’t really fit, the dog isn’t really in “distress” and he/she doesn’t seem to mind it, but iIT’S A DOG!!! why?

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