Golden Retriever Saves Owner’s Life on New Year’s Eve

A Northern Michigan man, known only as “Bob” is lucky to be alive thanks to his golden retriever Kelsey.

Kelsey and Bob (CBS News)

Kelsey and Bob (CBS News)

This past New Year’s Eve around 1030 pm, Bob went out to the shed in his housecoat and slippers to grab some firewood.  He slipped and fell, breaking his back.  He yelled for help but his nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away.  Kelsey came and laid on Bob and licked his face to keep him awake.

Kelsey’s barking alerted Bob’s neighbor the next day, after almost 20 hours.  CBS News reports a statement provided by McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, Bob says:

She kept me warm and alert.  I knew I had to persevere through this and that it was my choice to stay alive

Bob is being treated at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital and is on the road to recovery.  He thanks Kelsey that he didn’t suffer any frostbite.

Full story from CBS News here.