Does Your Golden Retriever Purr?

Goldens are quite often known for making a purring or soft snoring sound when they are being rubbed or petted in their favorite spots.  I’m sure other breeds do this as well, but I think it’s very common in goldens!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever (Photo credit: rkleine)

Becky White is a dog walker in Toronto who has a lot of experience with golden retrievers. Her blog DogsTwentyFourSeven chronicles her experiences as a dog walker.  In her popular post “Golden Retrievers and Their DNA” she writes:
I have found Golden Retrievers have a unique way of communicating when wanting something. The majority I have grown to love will draw in with their breath to make a sound in their throats to grab a human’s attention. Often it is two or three short repeated noises in a row and it seems to be when they are in a sitting position. They adore being patted and this sound I think is a technique they use to communicate “keep the patting/stroking coming. I love it!”  I think very similar to a cat purring.”

Check out this cute puppy demonstrating….”you are not a cat” !!!

Does your dog purr?  Have you heard of this before?

17 thoughts on “Does Your Golden Retriever Purr?

  1. YES my Golden boy Gideon does this a lot when being petted. He also makes a sound that is best called a roo when he is trying to communicate and he doesn’t think you are listening

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  3. My humans call the purring sound “piglet.” Talbot, the Golden Retriever who preceded me, was the queen of piglet. I also make the roo sound when I feel like I’m being ignored. My humans call that one “Star Wars,” because it sounds like a character from Star Wars. So funny to hear that these are common Golden Retriever sounds!

  4. George grunts. Sounds like he and Miss Harper Lee are kindred spirits. George is 1/2 lab, 1/2 golden. The rest of the 3G Network our lab Guinness and our lab-mix Godiva don’t make the same sound so we thought it might be a special golden sound.

  5. My golden totally does that! People who don’t know him ask me “is he growling?” I say “no, he’s just talking to you.” He will also make the roo sound first thing in the morning after a long guttural purr as he’s waiting for me to get up and feed him 🙂

  6. Murph we snorts all the time! He does it when he smells something good, when he gets rubbed, when we cuddle, and when he wants our attention. So much better than a bark (which Murphee does not do!). Love it.

  7. Yes yes yes!! My golden purrs LOUDLY several times a day. He purrs to get petted and he purrs while being petted. I’ve had many wonderful cats and my golden’s purring is completely catlike – absent the vibrating body.

    I currently have 4 dogs and have had multiple dog communities continuously throughout my life. This is my first golden and he’s completely unique, fitting the breed stereotype to a tee. It’s amazing how the members of the breed so closely resemble each other in temperament and behavior. They’re spectacular!

  8. Our black lab does this every time she is pet. Stops doing it right when you stop petting her. Starts again when you resume. We call it her happy noise

  9. My two goldens Willow and Lily purr a lot my husband Joseph always says “Winnie is that Willow purring or is that our cat snoring,” Lily purrs are quiet (she six years old) but Willow would purr loudly (she is eight). Our Scottish fold Gene (she is 9 years old) would all ways cuddle up on Willow so she could get some love. My Willow is quite a loud sleeper I’m just glad my Lily is quiet.

    • Willow is a snorer too. Lily never snores or barks but Willow will bark when she’s alone or bored so Joseph and I will take the girls to the dog park to avoid barking at home.

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