Do You Let Your Golden Retriever Sleep In Your Bed?

There are arguments on both sides of the fence as far as letting your pet sleep in bed with you.  Tucker sleeps in our bed with us, but he is not allowed to bring toys or bones up, or rough play with us.  He must also get off the bed when we give the command “off”.  It is always on our terms.  I am not overly concerned about the germs.  I’m one of those people who eats red meat, and enjoys wine, and other unhealthy vices.

Enjoy a good sleep 3

Enjoy a good sleep 3 (Photo credit: kinn h)

Letting Your Dog Sleep in the Bed — The Right Way – Robert Haussmann (Huffington Post)

Here is an article from the other side of the fence….why you shouldn’t let your pet sleep in bed with you.

Don’t Sleep with Your Pet, You May Catch Something (Possibly Bubonic Plague) –  David Gardner, Mail Online

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4 thoughts on “Do You Let Your Golden Retriever Sleep In Your Bed?

  1. I do enjoy your posts, and have shared them with my Golden Retriever contacts and on my Blog Roll. Great minds think alike today! I have a few Goldens that board and share our bed.We figure they are on holiday away from home and give some extra TLC.

  2. Mylo is allowed to sleep with us, but prefers not to. Toady sleeps with us for about a half hour each night, and Odin sleeps with us all night. They may be spoiled. 🙂

  3. I read the article for “allowing” the dog to sleep on the bed. I’m sorry, but there’s no way I would ever subject my dog to that “please can i?” look before letting her hop on the bed. The bed is her space too! She earned that right a long time ago when she mastered house-training and stealing hearts. (And yes, it is a right. I don’t ask for the government’s permission to vote – she doesn’t have to ask permission to get on the bed).

    Besides, I don’t even think she sleeps on the bed because usually she nudges me or licks me when I have bad dreams. How can she save me from nightmares if she has to ask first?!

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