Do You Have A Nickname For Your Golden Retriever?

I have several nicknames for Tucker.  “Little Guy” “Stinky old Guy”, “Sweet Face”, “Sir Poops Alot” ..the list goes on and on.  This is just a silly, fun post.  I am curious to know what you call you golden(s)  Please share in the comments or #goldenretrievernicknames on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  For even more fun, share a picture that captures the “nickname”

Thanks to @colleenconway of Instagram for allowing me to share this photo of her “schmoozle” the late “Summer”


Here she is again, she also gets the nickname “Summersault”


One more example, TT Cruiser, from @goldenceramics on Instagram.


And “Dexter Deuteronomy” the Nuclear Power Puppy from Delta BC @bbear604


Sorry I couldn’t resize these pictures with quality…Thanks in advance for participating!  I know you have a “pet name” for your dog!

6 thoughts on “Do You Have A Nickname For Your Golden Retriever?

  1. Oh my! My Ruger has so many nicknames – Love Pup, Mr. Pup, Stink Pup (when he’s bad 🙂 ), Mr. Luscious, Spa Pup (at bath time), the Golden Boy, Soccer Pup, Ruger LCP (Little Cute Puppy), . . . He has a nickname for just about any situation he gets himself into . . .

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