Car Offered As Reward for Missing Golden Retriever

Elizabethtown KY – Beloved 3 year old golden retriever Bella has been missing for over two weeks.  Mike and Ashley Burns have been married for 10 years and have no children, except for their two dogs, Marley and Bella.

The dogs ran off 2 days before Thanksgiving, and Marley was found the next day by Animal Control, but Bella is still out there somewhere.

The Burns have offered their Pontiac that has a black book value of $3100 as a reward for Bella’s return.

Mike Burns says, “We want people to take the car. We don’t want people to say I’ll give you your dog back, we don’t want the car. We want people to know that this is payment or a reward, however you want to look at it, for bringing our dog back.”

Bella was not wearing her collar when she escaped, is spayed, and weighs about 75 lbs.  She has bald patches just below her neck.  If you have any information on Bella, please contact the Burns at 270-307-3714

Full story with video from WDRB news – Car is reward for finding lost dog

One thought on “Car Offered As Reward for Missing Golden Retriever

  1. There are people that would donate to help with a cash Reward fund if you choose to put a fund tCogether on you caring site…I know you have your car as a reward..but cash sometimes is more enticing…Just a thought..
    Prayers for your sweet dogs return home..

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