A (very brief) history of International Golden Retriever Day

International Golden Retriever Day began in 2012 from a fellow golden retriever blogger, Kristen,from Iheartgoldenretrievers.com.  Why wouldn’t there be a day to celebrate the best breed in the world?


Photo: Instagram @house_bears

The Daily Golden got on board the following year and it has since very slowly gained steam.

What country will you be celebrating from?  And what will you be doing to celebrate/spoil your golden(s) !!  Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “A (very brief) history of International Golden Retriever Day

  1. Thank you for helping us spread the word about Golden Retriever Day! A funny little bit of history on this day and how it got started I thought I’d share:

    One day while watching the news with a cup of coffee and my golden, Quincey, at my feet – the newscasters were celebrating national “Eat Cherry Pie Day.” If there was a holiday for this, then there certainly had to be one for golden retrievers, right? I searched all over for one and realized it did not exist! So why not start one? Thanks to social media, word quickly spread and now every February 3rd, the world gets to celebrate this amazing breed!

    So why February 3rd? February 3rd was our golden boy Quincey’s birthday. Quincey was truly one of the most remarkable dogs I have ever come across, and was so lucky to call him my own. Sadly, in 2015 we lost Quincey to cancer. While our heart breaks with him gone, we love that this holiday now brings so much joy to goldens and their owners across the world!

    We look forward to celebrating with you February 3rd! Happy Golden Retriever Day!!

    • My pleasure! I have been looking at Goldens most of the day…while spoiling my Tucker :). Sorry about Quincey.

  2. Today I will be remembering the 4 precious Goldens I’ve had over my life time. I’m in a retirement community where no pets are allowed (tears) but we do have visiting Goldens and Golden Doodles. Enjoy your Goldens.

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