A Gala of Golden Retrievers!

Adopt A Golden Atlanta held their annual Gala on Saturday April 19th to benefit abandoned golden retrievers in the Atlanta area. Golden retrievers were welcome, and dressed in fine attire.  This is Dexter.  (*Photos from Facebook page of Adopt A Golden Atlanta)


Cupcakes were on the menu


And these cute little guys made an appearance!


The decor was amazing.


They showed a video highlighting the 4 greatest rescue stories of the year that was sent to me by a reader. Grab the kleenex. The smiles on these dogs’ faces says it all.  Wonderful people, wonderful dogs.  Life isn’t all bad!

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5 thoughts on “A Gala of Golden Retrievers!

  1. i would murder with my hands the guy that beat max, goldens dont defend themselves… that is a sad person. The stories of abuse and neglect are sad, but that guy…

  2. Oh flipping ‘eck! You made me cry again!!! You also made me laugh because my daughter has an ex boyfriend called Dexter. Your Dexter is much better looking 😀

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