When to spay/neuter your Golden Retriever

My 10 month old golden, Tucker, gets very frisky in the evenings.  It doesn’t matter if we have gone on a one hour hike, played fetch at the empty schoolyard, or he has been pent up for 2 or 3 days due to weather.  Every night, without fail, Tucker decides he has a need to fulfill and proceeds to “hump” the pillows on the couch.  I can’t honestly think of a nicer way to put this.  It doesn’t matter who is looking, weather company is over, or even if there is a camera pointed at him.  This dog has no shame.

I managed to capture an episode on my grainy cell phone video camera.  What makes this video so funny, is that it is the horrible audio from the television in the background.  You can see when it stops, so does he!  Make sure you have the volume turned up.

I realize each dog has it’s own personality.  Tucker’s bloodline consists of several top scoring obedience dogs.  A pretty impressive pedigree.  The contract I purchased Tucker states I have to wait until he is 18 months to be neutered.  This seems to be a controversial issue.  My veterinarian advised me not to take his playful puppy behavior into consideration when deciding when to “make the cut”  What he meant was, don’t expect a brand new dog as soon as the surgery is performed.  I continue to weigh the pros and cons.

No significant information was found to indicate that neutering your male dog would make him calmer and less “dominant”  There was sufficient evidence stating that dogs who were neutered early (before maturity) had an increased risk of certain cancers, hypothyroidism, obesity, as well as many other health concerns.  Early neutering is also believed to stunt growth  as sex hormones play an important part in bone development.

Here is an article in favor of later spay/neutering Early Spay/neutering considerations for the Canine Athlete by Dr.Chris Zink DVM, PhD, DACPV

Here is an article in rebuttle to Dr Zink’s article, in favor of early spay/neutering
 Rebuttal to “Early Spay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete”

Another popular trend these days is called Pediatric spaying/neutering.  There are some arguments in favor of this theory as well Pedeatric Spay/Neuter  from the Best Friends Animal Society

In conclusion, based on information from the above articles and reputable breeder recommendations, I have decided to wait it out to have Tucker neutered.

4 thoughts on “When to spay/neuter your Golden Retriever

  1. Our bitch won’t let un-neutered males in her house. As soon as they’re done, she’s fine with them! Is the clause in the contract there because the breeder might want Tucker for siring before 18 months?

  2. I waited until Winston was over a year old before I had him spayed. I think he was around 13/14 months old. His father was a pure breed with papers too -they were going to show him but he was too tall, which Winston got, hence the nickname Monster. My vet didn’t have one view over another considering I didn’t have plans to breed him.

    I must say, it hasn’t slowed his ‘aggression’ (if goldens can really be aggressive) down. He barks at the other dogs, growls at them, he’s very clearly an alpha dog. I will say he’s not much of a humper before the surgery so we didn’t have that as a factor when we took him in. If it was me, I’d take him in around a year old.

  3. Our Lincoln is just four months old. I love the appearance of the show males and went through the heartbreak of cancer with our other golden. I will wait at least until he is a year old. He plays nice with other dogs but likes to hump his teddy bear and sometimes a leg lol. I hope that doesn’t get too much worse! I will only change my mind if he gets aggressive.

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