To The Victims and the Heroes of 9/11

My thoughts have been on New York City today and the tragedy that occurred 11 years ago today.  I still remember that morning.  I was sitting in my bed having a coffee and making my list for the day when my husband (at the time) called me and told me to turn on the news.  Something bad was happening.  I don’t remember his words exactly, but it scared me and I jumped up and turned on the news.  The second plane hit the World Trade Center moments after.  I turned on the TV and it was the NBC Today Show Coverage.  I wanted to go pick my young daughters up from school.  I thought it was the beginnings of World War III and I just wanted to hold my babies.  Not quite sure how this post became about me.

This post goes out to the Victims and the Heroes of that day, and the pain their loved ones have faced on the days following, each and every one of them.  This could be one of the most impacting YouTube video of all time..God Bless America.

And here is the shout out to the four legged heroes of that day…man’s best friend at it’s finest…