The Tucker Files: Tucker goes swimming..(sort of)

My nephew and I recently decided we wanted to get in shape and were going to start walking in the evenings, taking Tucker through the local conservation area trails.  There is a river that runs through these trails, and we were hoping Tucker could get introduced to romping in it.  When we arrived at “the spot”, a place where I used to hang out alot when I was a kid and fish for rainbow trout, there was a Canada goose and her goslings floating by…Tucker didn’t chase after them.  We threw a stick in the water.  That did it.  Out he bounded towards the center of the river…no holds barred.  You could tell where it got deeper and he began to swim, naturally, of course.  It was such a beautiful sight!  And then out he came.  After that, he wouldn’t so much as get his paws wet.  He would run around, go up to the edge of the water, his paws would touch the water, he would jump, and run away.  Golden Retrievers are to water as Chihuahas are to barking.  I found this strange but knew he would come around.  Perhaps he needs to see another dog or a person in the water first?   Tucker is only 7 months old and this was his first “forest” experience.  He was a little jumpy and reluctant, sniffing everything and trembling a little at times.  He would go ahead of us, but not very far.  He was cautious, yet curious and confidant, which I think is a healthy balance for a puppy.  It was so cool to see him explore. (not actual picture of Tucker, shoulda brought my camera)

Golden Retriever swimming.

Tonight on our walk, my nephew stripped off his socks and shoes and went knee deep into the river.  After a few minutes of coaxing, Tucker reluctantly went into the water towards him.  They splashed and played.  Tucker realized he could drink the water.  He stood and plunked his paw into the water repeatedly.  He finally loved the water.  After that he would run out and around in a big circle at an insane pace, run to a muddy spot and dig frantically, then run back into the water and splash around.  He repeated this about 10 times, ears flapping, smiles abounding.  I said to my nephew:  “It’s like Canada’s Wonderland for Dogs”  That, plus the car ride where he got to stick his head out the window, and the 10 minute playdate with a doberman, made for the perfect day!  Tucker says it’s good to be a golden!

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