The Tucker Files: Gourmet Dinner for a Golden Retriever

Say what you will about table scraps, but I feel table scraps are far better than most kibble on the market. Sometimes we spoil Tucker. I guess I should say sometimes we “extra spoil” Tucker. He is perpetually spoiled.

Here’s Tucker waiting for his dinner. He always puts one paw up while begging. I have already explained the menu – perfectly cooked tenderloin (rare-med rare) fresh local asparagus (I.e pure gold) and lobster fettuccine. Rich, I know. I mixed it with his kibble. (Origen Adult Dog)  I always soak his kibble in hot water for about 5 min, so the food expands in the bowl, instead of his tummy.  Heard this from a breeder, it is supposed to help prevent bloat.  It makes a nice gravy.  We make sure his teeth stay clean with the occasional raw bone.


Here’s dinner.  Since I didn’t get anything for mother’s day, I treated myself.  The expensive stuff was all on sale.  This meal was under $40 and fed three!


Did I mention we love food?

Time for a poll!

6 thoughts on “The Tucker Files: Gourmet Dinner for a Golden Retriever

  1. I hope Tucker enjoys his food like I do. I take my time and savour every mouthful. Unfortunately Honey practically inhales her food and has no idea what she is missing. Nutmeg

  2. Oh Miss Harper Lee…you took the words right out of my mouth! Tucker is such a lucky boy!!! (although, my son has often said that if he believed in reincarnation, that he wanted to come back as my dog – our golden boy Cody! LOL)

  3. What a beautiful boy. It certainly sounds like he has a wonderful and loving Mother. We absolutely adore our boy, Cooper and give him loads of love. Best Wishes.

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