The Tucker Files: Gourmet Dinner for a Golden Retriever

Say what you will about table scraps, but I feel table scraps are far better than most kibble on the market. Sometimes we spoil Tucker. I guess I should say sometimes we “extra spoil” Tucker. He is perpetually spoiled.

Here’s Tucker waiting for his dinner. He always puts one paw up while begging. I have already explained the menu – perfectly cooked tenderloin (rare-med rare) fresh local asparagus (I.e pure gold) and lobster fettuccine. Rich, I know. I mixed it with his kibble. (Origen Adult Dog)  I always soak his kibble in hot water for about 5 min, so the food expands in the bowl, instead of his tummy.  Heard this from a breeder, it is supposed to help prevent bloat.  It makes a nice gravy.  We make sure his teeth stay clean with the occasional raw bone.


Here’s dinner.  Since I didn’t get anything for mother’s day, I treated myself.  The expensive stuff was all on sale.  This meal was under $40 and fed three!


Did I mention we love food?

Time for a poll!

6 thoughts on “The Tucker Files: Gourmet Dinner for a Golden Retriever

  1. Tucker is a beautiful golden, of course, I’ve never seen an ‘ugly’ one, just sayin 🙂 Looks delicious, I say spoil them as often as you can 😉

  2. I hope Tucker enjoys his food like I do. I take my time and savour every mouthful. Unfortunately Honey practically inhales her food and has no idea what she is missing. Nutmeg

  3. Yum, Tucker. Such a lucky dog, but I didn’t see a glass of wine. Don’t tell me your mommy didn’t share. ;-). Love that little thing you do with your foot!

  4. Oh Miss Harper Lee…you took the words right out of my mouth! Tucker is such a lucky boy!!! (although, my son has often said that if he believed in reincarnation, that he wanted to come back as my dog – our golden boy Cody! LOL)

  5. What a beautiful boy. It certainly sounds like he has a wonderful and loving Mother. We absolutely adore our boy, Cooper and give him loads of love. Best Wishes.

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