The Tucker Files: Golden Retrievers and Counter Surfing – Part 2

Tonight we were watching the Canada vs US Women’s soccer game, and I was preparing some tenderloin steaks for supper.  We bought a large roast at 7.99/lb so it came to just over $20 for the roast.  I cut off two beautiful 1 1/2″ steaks and cut the final end into 3 pieces, which would have been perfect for filet migon.   Holiday Monday at about 5 pm…the doorbell rings.   I decide to be bold and go answer it.  It was someone offering to seal our driveway.  I gave him the boot and came back to the kitchen, checking the status of the game.  My boyfriend and I looked over to the center island in the kitchen.  There was Tucker, up on the counter, eyeing our steaks.  We yelled “No” and he looked away, only to find the other 3 pieces of tenderloin.  He quickly grabbed the thickest one, before we could react.  Nothing you can do at this point.  He was well rewarded for jumping up on the counter.  Golden Retrievers truly are the best…they are!

Here is a picture of Tucker after his “catch”

Tucker after Tenderloin

And here is Tucker, with his Monkey, a little while after tenderloin…

Tucker after tenderloin…with Monkey

Needless to say, his food will be appropriately rationed tonight…

4 thoughts on “The Tucker Files: Golden Retrievers and Counter Surfing – Part 2

  1. Our first Golden managed to get a huge plastic bowl wrapped in a plastic bag off the counter, without us hearing it in the living room. He ate all the bread for stuffing the Christmas turkey.

  2. You’re so right – there’s nothing you can do once they’ve made the grab (unless it’s something that is dangerous for them) but reduce their next meal. It does make you kick yourself though! Do you think Tucker was in league with the driveway man? 😀

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