The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever and cat have still not made friends!?

Before we got Tucker, Betty was queen of the house.  Betty is a fat, spoiled kitty, with lots of toys.  She is also a finicky eater, and rather skittish when company comes.  It takes awhile to get to know Betty.  Here she is the night before Tucker arrives…..

"Twas the night before Tucker"

I like to call it “T’was the night before Tucker”

Since that day, Betty hasn’t been able to sprawl out on the kitchen floor like that.  She sits just inside her kitty door (to the unfinished basement) and peers out.  She has gradually become a bit more brave, and when she knows Tucker is sound asleep, she will even come up on the bed with us.  Sometimes I wake up and there she is, just sitting up staring at him with those big huge eyes.  She has learned that she is quick enough to escape him when he is in this groggy stage.  She has several safe places and escape routes throughout the house, and I really don’t think Tucker would hurt her.  He wants to meet her so bad!  But he is a puppy, and sometimes he peers through the hole and barks at her.  With excitement, of course.  His tail is walloping on the floor the whole time.

This is a common occurrence at our house..

Tucker in the hole!

How could you be afraid of this??

Of course, Tucker is much bigger now, but his head still fits in the hole.

I have read so much on the subject of introducing dogs and cats, and have come to the conclusion I just have to let them be.  We tried a few formal introductions, where Betty wasn’t contained..we would just hold her and let Tucker come up gently.  It always ended in Betty hissing, clawing and running down the stairs.  She is still faster than him.  I cant help but feel sorry for Betty.  Sometimes Tucker lies right outside the kitty hole, and there’s Betty, about 2 feet away, staring right back at him.  It is bound to happen one of these days.  I shall keep you posted..

Let me know your suggestions!

3 thoughts on “The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever and cat have still not made friends!?

  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! We have a kitty door to our basement too and that is exactly where the 2 cats sit and watch Bentley under the door. Bentley sticks his head thru the hole just like Tucker but I haven’t been lucky enough to snap a pic! He is beautiful!

    • Thanks! I read your blog further and see you got Bently as a small puppy. I thought of creating a blog just for venting too, called “Ice cubes in Wine, and other things that are just Wrong!” but in the meantime I will vent along with you! i.e Dance Moms! lol

      • Uh-Oh… ice cubes in wine is wrong?! Hahahahaha….. too funny!!

        Feel free to vent on my blog anytime… I just started it yesterday so it’s a work in progress. Take care and keep in touch!!


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