The Golden Retriever “Bucket List”

I recently read an article in The Telegraph called “50 Things To Do Before You Die – If You’re A Dog”  This list was compiled by TH>N pet insurance and TV vet Marc Abraham.

I found it to be a little elaborate, with the whole visiting another continent thing, as well as meeting a famous dog, and howling other words etc.

I decided to create my own, golden-retriever oriented list, just for fun.

Consider this the “Ultimate Golden Retriever Bucket List

1.  Play fetch. For a long time.  Till you can’t play any longer.

2.  Bring your human a shoe or article of clothing as often as you can.

3. Play “full out” with a group of kids.

4. Dig up the yard.

5.  Go for a swim in the lake/ocean.

6.  Run up to your humans and shake all over them after your swim in the lake/ocean.

Shake, Shake, Shake

Shake, Shake, Shake (Photo credit: IcK9s [M. H. Stephens])

7. Go for an off leash hike with your human.

8.  Get sprayed by a skunk. (okay, maybe not this one, but it is almost inevitable)

9. Roll in a mud puddle.

Do you like my new look?

Do you like my new look? (Photo credit: Kol Tregaskes)

10. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes

11. Sleep in your owner’s bed

12. Wake your owner with a wet sloppy kiss

13. Ride in a car with your head out the window.

14. Relax by a fire.

15.  Have a Facebook, Dogster, or Twitter account, or star in a YouTube video.

16 . Rip the stuffing out of a stuffed animal.

Tucker with Monkee (now minus the stuffing)

17 . Jump up on the company.

18. Play frisbee on the beach

19. Steal food from the counter.

20. Spread garbage all over the house.

I would love to add to this list, and hear your comments on what our goldens should experience!  The best 5 will be chosen and added to “The Bucket List” to make it a Top 25, after January 1, 2013.

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11 thoughts on “The Golden Retriever “Bucket List”

  1. My Golden, Jake, loves to go on road trips. He’s excited to go, to be traveling, to stop at rest areas or gas stations, and to get to the destination. Every step is an adventure to him, so I say add road trips to the list :).

  2. Find the squeaker inside of a squeaky toy.

    Go hunting with my owner.

    Lay in the sun on a cool, fall day.

  3. Awesome list – I would ass that every dog should go on at least one road trip. They are the perfect adventure companions.

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