Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Puppy vs Paper Bag

I recently discovered this video from one of my Facebook friends…It’s a throwback to Jan 2014.  These are Ginger’s successors, (from the famous video Breakfast at Gingers) brought to you by the amazing YouTube channel sawith65.



Here is big brother Buddy getting annoyed with his new sibling, who discovers a crumpled up paper bag.

Golden Retriever rocks the keyboard in a Walk off the Earth Christmas video

The awesome Canadian group Walk off the Earth, who became popular on YouTube for doing some really cool cover songs I.e. Somebody that I used to Know (Gotye – 5 peeps, 1 guitar) released this video on YouTube last Christmas.  As a Canadian, I can say if you haven’t heard of this group, hopefully you will soon! (Actually, you have now!)

It’s The Little Drummer Boy, performed by the group, accompanied by a golden retriever on the keyboards, a husky on “percussion” and what looks like a shepherd mix..(anyone?) who stole the show on the cello! (ish like instrument)

You can also view the behind the scenes video here, which, sadly, doesn’t include much about the doggies…

It may be worth your while to subscribe to their YouTube channel here – WalkofftheEarth

Coco Chan, the corn eating golden retriever from Japan, has died.

If you have ever watched the video of the golden retriever eating corn on the cob that went viral this summer, or the many other videos posted on her YouTube channel than you are familiar with Coco Chan.

She lost her battle to Cancer on September 11, 2014.

CocoChan - Facebook

CocoChan – Facebook

Rest in peace Coco Chan.  You will be fondly remembered around the world.  If you wish to leave condolences on her Facebook page, click here.

Golden Video of the Week – Pool Party!!! How Many Goldens Can You Spot?

Happy Tails Resort is located in Norfolk, VA and looks like dog heaven.  These dogs are enjoying their pool party, and I love how the labs waste no time getting in the water.  How many goldens do you spot?  I have to go back and count again…

This photo was posted on Happy Tails Facebook page just this afternoon with the comment “waiting to go in the pool”



Filmed with a GoPro camera, here’s a view of a swim session from an underwater perspective.

Check out their YouTube channel for more great videos.

War Veteran and Golden Retriever Service Dog Removed from Flight

Earlier this month, a Vietnam War Veteran and his golden retriever service dog were removed from a U.S Airways flight from Phoenix to El Paso prior to take off as the man refused to make the dog lay on the floor.


This story has raised a lot of controversy as to whether the man should have been kicked off the flight. US Airways rules clearly state that service animals must ride on the floor under the seat in front of the handler for safety reasons.  The man became agitated, and the staff felt that due to the fact the man suffered from PTSD, the situation could escalate once off the ground.  The airline paid for the man’s hotel and he took a flight the next day.

The unidentified veteran told the other passengers while waiting for police to arrive:

"I'm sorry folks but I've earned the right to have this service animal because of my service to this country in Vietnam. I am 100 percent disabled, I have a service dog because of it and everyone has to obey the ADA laws except this airline! So I'm sorry but I'm not budging!"

The whole scene was caught on video and has gone viral on YouTube.  If you look closely around the 9:15 mark, you can see the happy old golden wagging it’s tail as it is being taken out but what looks to be a police officer.

Here’s a link to a video from myfoxphoenix of the story:

Full Story – Veteran kicked off plane after service dog dispute –

Some of the comments on the video and news story are pretty interesting to say the least.  What do you think?

The Pet Collective – Patriotic Golden Retriever Puppies

I realize it’s over, but The Pet Collective keeps doing this!!!  PLEASE like the video on their YouTube Channel and subscribe to it to keep them afloat!  Thank You The Pet Collective, once again!!  Mwuahhh!!

Patriotic Puppies – Golden Retriever Puppies National Puppy Anthem

Golden Video of the Week – Ray’s World

This video was made by Debbi McDonough of ( illusionfxslideshows )  It is a tribute to Ray Charles, the blind golden retriever.  It’s a long one, and you might need some kleenex.