New Puppy Cam Alert! Warrior Canine Connection has a New Litter!

The Warrior Canine Connection is celebrating the arrival of a new litter of puppies that will grow up to be service dogs for veterans. (they are still being born at the time of this post)   This is mom Rhonda.

Be sure to check out  for puppy cam footage soon!  And kiss your productivity goodbye!

Rhonda’s Litter – Nursery Cam (Puppies!)  – Click HERE!


Live Cam! Golden Retriever Puppy Enrichment Centre

A playground full of Golden Retriever puppies destined to be service dogs can be seen 24/7 playing in a puppy enrichment center created by The Warrior Canine Connection in Brookville, Maryland.

Photo - Holly's Half Dozen - Warrior Canine Connection (not actual litter)

Photo – Holly’s Half Dozen – Warrior Canine Connection (not actual litter)

Introducing Breeze, Derecho, Fluffy, Twister, Abby, Lucy, Grace, Penny, Levi, Ruby, and Blizzard.  Limited time only…enjoy!

[ustream id=12526938 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=720 height=437]

Live streaming video by Ustream

Limited Time Only!!! Golden Retriever Puppy Cam

I know I re-blogged this awhile back, but the puppies are getting more active, and everyone needs to experience this cuteness.  The Warrior Canine Connection is an organization that trains Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to train service dogs that will be paired with other Veterans.

Holly’s half dozen is a litter of Golden Retriever puppies that are going to be trained to be service dogs.  They are growing quickly, and this post will be removed when the cam is taken down.  Please check it out to make your heart overflow with joy!!  There truly is nothing more adorable than golden retriever puppies!!  Click on the link and Enjoy!  Before time runs out.

Update:  Puppy Cam is no more, they have grown up and moved to their training homes.  I plan to post an update soon.