Golden Retrievers – Fattest in the Land?


Cuteness (Photo credit: ohmil)

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention recently released results of a survey that indicates 55% of US dogs and cats are overweight.

Golden retrievers were at the top of the scale for dogs, at 62.7%, and German shepherds at the bottom, at 2%.

Moral of the story, if your dog is overweight, feed less and exercise more.  Consider your dogs’ diet options.  (The vet isn’t always your best resource for diet information)

Living Large:  Golden retrievers, Labradors Fattest In The Land – The Washington Times

Elizabeth Warren Loses Beloved Golden Retriever 5 Days Before Election

Elizabeth Warren is a newly-elected United States Senator for the state of Massachusetts, the first female to fill that role.  She is a financial guru, Harvard Law School professor, .and more importantly, a golden retriever lover.  Her beloved golden Otis passed away just 5 days before the election.  Otis helped Elizabeth in her campaign, “Dog Lovers for Elizabeth Warren”

Dog Lovers For Elizabeth Warren

Dog Lovers For Elizabeth Warren

Otis was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma in the spring, and by Halloween was unable to get up to greet the trick or treaters.  Warren says Otis wasn’t an overly active golden, and would just “stand and pose” after retrieving the ball.



On  November 30, 2012,  Warren posted on her facebook page:

One of the most fun parts of the campaign was sharing our golden retriever Otis with all of you. So I now need to share some sad news: We lost Otis. He was battling cancer, and he suddenly went downhill. Bruce and I are heartbroken, but we are grateful for seven and a half years with our big, handsome boy. He’ll always live in our hearts.”

A very beautiful article  from The Boston Globe about Senator-elect Warren and Otis, written by fellow golden retriever owner Brian McGrory can be found here.

Great News For Golden Retrievers – Morris Animal Foundation Expanding Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

A 15 year old Golden Retriever dog, unusually ...

A 15 year old Golden Retriever dog, unusually old for a larger breed such as Golden Retriever. The dog’s name is Spencer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Morris Animal Foundation is looking for 3000 golden retrievers under 2 years old in and in good health and have a 3 generation pedigree to participate in a study on identifying risk factors for cancer and other diseases in the breed.  Things like environment and nutrition will be tracked for the lifetime of the dog, as well as overall health.

If you live in the United States, and you and your veterinarian are willing to commit to this for the next 10 to 14 years, the research could seriously benefit not only the breed, but the whole veterinary medicine field.

Visit the Morris Animal Foundation site for more information.

“This study requires a long-term commitment from dog owners and their veterinarians,” says study director Michael Guy, DVM, MS, Ph.D. “We have the potential to learn valuable information that will not only improve canine health but will also significantly advance the entire field of veterinary medicine.”

Click here to donate to this great organization.

The Tucker Files: Golden Retrievers and Counter Surfing – Part 2

Tonight we were watching the Canada vs US Women’s soccer game, and I was preparing some tenderloin steaks for supper.  We bought a large roast at 7.99/lb so it came to just over $20 for the roast.  I cut off two beautiful 1 1/2″ steaks and cut the final end into 3 pieces, which would have been perfect for filet migon.   Holiday Monday at about 5 pm…the doorbell rings.   I decide to be bold and go answer it.  It was someone offering to seal our driveway.  I gave him the boot and came back to the kitchen, checking the status of the game.  My boyfriend and I looked over to the center island in the kitchen.  There was Tucker, up on the counter, eyeing our steaks.  We yelled “No” and he looked away, only to find the other 3 pieces of tenderloin.  He quickly grabbed the thickest one, before we could react.  Nothing you can do at this point.  He was well rewarded for jumping up on the counter.  Golden Retrievers truly are the best…they are!

Here is a picture of Tucker after his “catch”

Tucker after Tenderloin

And here is Tucker, with his Monkey, a little while after tenderloin…

Tucker after tenderloin…with Monkey

Needless to say, his food will be appropriately rationed tonight…

Family misses Golden Retrievers sent to Rescue, Adopted.

Until I have all the facts, I’m not sure what to think on this one.  The story is of a family with two golden retrievers who go missing.  They are picked up a few miles away by animal control.  They are then sent to a rescue.  From there, they are adopted, not sure if together or not.  And then there are the Warrens, the picture perfect family who own the dogs, and apparently take them everywhere, “like their kids”.  When I read the comments of this article from The Bangor Daily News, I learned that the Warrens dogs were not tagged, or chipped OR spayed or neutered.  I can only think of two reasons for this…they were show dogs/breeding stock, (highly unlikely if not chipped, tattooed, or wearing tags) or they were used for a local puppy mill to pound out puppies (no pun intended) .  Warren family, if you are reading this, please respond!  Now that the dogs are spayed and neutered, and you have learned your lesson (I realize accidents happen, and dogs get away) I think I hope they are returned to you safe and sound..and if you read this, please support rescue and responsible, AKC registered breeders.

Here is the article in it’s entirety, here.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

If you are from the continental United States, and you own a Golden Retriever, you may be eligible to participate in a lifetime study, dedicated specifically for the breed.  They are looking for approx 3,000 golden retrievers, and the study will last 10-20 years.  I cant wait to see what they find.  I am Canadian, so unfortunately I do not qualify for the study, but here is where you can get the information