Golden Retriever of the Month – Shadow

Shadow likes to consider himself an “Ivy League Dog” as he hails from Princeton, NJ.  He now lives in the “Buffalo burbs” His name is inspired by the dog in the classic movie Homeward Bound.

This is where it all began…


From an early age, it was clear that Shadow was going to grow up to be wise and clever, just like “Shadow” (Homeward Bound reference)


Here’s an adorable puppy shot…with a great story behind it.  In the words of Shadow’s human mum ” The raincoat – that was during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Someone at the front desk of our building left a note that said “Please give to Shadow the puppy.” He wore it like a champ as we went outside no less than 10 times during the hurricane – from the 10th floor of our apt – so praying every time that the power wouldn’t go out on the elevator. It did help keep him dry – but the wind was blowing him up and down the sidewalk.”


Judging from the following photos, I would say this statement is most likely true….I want a sign like this.  (Craft idea!)


One of Shadow’s favorite pastimes is sunning himself on the Niagara River.


Shadow is no stranger to snow.


Shadow feels like his life has true purpose while chasing trains, another favorite pastime….look at that determination!


Shadow and his uncle Leo sometimes like to get into mischief.  This photo definitely says “busted” to me!


Sometimes they just like to lay at the top of the stairs (guilty!!! – no eye contact)


Shadow is a serial napper, and loves to sleep in.  This guy still knows how to work a camera in his sleep.


One of his favorite spots, top of the stairs. (just like my Tucker)


Shadow’s human-dad travels for work, being a sports reporter and all.  He never misses a moment to skype when dad is off on “the business stuff”


His owner says he “loves belly rubs, and has no shame in offering you his belly”


Shadow, handsome golden retriever, Twitter sensation.

I will leave you with a video of Shadow and his Uncle Leo.  “Leo does not like the phone”

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Update: 10 Golden Retrievers “Mutt Muggin”

I first heard about mutt muggin’ from fellow blogger Dr. Jessica Vogelsang and her adorable Brody at Pawcurious. She posted a photo on her facebook page of her golden muggin’ and in the caption said “You all should try this, it’s surprisingly entertaining.”

It’s basically a picture of your dog inside of a mug. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mutt either! Tucker and I gave it a shot…it was definitely entertaining!
Thanks to Beth for sharing this picture of Romy mutt muggin.

A perfect day for a Golden cup of coffee!!

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This is a #repost for #muttmugginTDG 😊

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I would love to see your best shot at “mutt muggin” with your golden.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, or email it to me at

Internet Trend Watch – Mutt Muggin and Banana to Scale – Vetstreet

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Do You Have A Nickname For Your Golden Retriever?

I have several nicknames for Tucker.  “Little Guy” “Stinky old Guy”, “Sweet Face”, “Sir Poops Alot” ..the list goes on and on.  This is just a silly, fun post.  I am curious to know what you call you golden(s)  Please share in the comments or #goldenretrievernicknames on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  For even more fun, share a picture that captures the “nickname”

Thanks to @colleenconway of Instagram for allowing me to share this photo of her “schmoozle” the late “Summer”


Here she is again, she also gets the nickname “Summersault”


One more example, TT Cruiser, from @goldenceramics on Instagram.


And “Dexter Deuteronomy” the Nuclear Power Puppy from Delta BC @bbear604


Sorry I couldn’t resize these pictures with quality…Thanks in advance for participating!  I know you have a “pet name” for your dog!

Golden Retriever of the Month – “Jack Maffei”

Jack Maffei a handsome 1 year old golden retriever from San Diego, California and  is a typical California boy.  He captured my heart from his many adventures on his Facebook page.  His birthday is December 5th.  Something tells me we will be seeing more of this young man.  We have 10 years at least, hopefully Tucker and Jack will be able to run on the beach together someday…sigh…

Jack loves to swim…  Everywhere.  In the ocean:

jackoceanIn the pool:


.And even in fountains:

Jack Maffei

Jack’s favorite toy is the good ‘ol fashioned tennis ball.

Jack Maffei -

Jack loves to shop, and he’s got style.

jack shoping

Jack likes to travel in style too…look at that proud grin!

jack beverly hills

Jack also likes to stay in touch with his friends on his Facebook and Twitter pages.


Jack has no brothers or sisters, but has lots of friends!  This is Chuck…

jack and chuckSometimes Jack gets into mischief.

badjackJack loves to go for car rides

jackcarJack is very handsome, and likes to pose

jackwetJack is spoiled and has lots of toys.

jacktoysJack is in training to become a therapy dog, and his mom says he can’t wait!

jacktherapyJack sleeps on his bed at night, beside his “dad” and comes up for cuddles in the morning when invited.  He is a very good boy!

sleepyjackAnd of course a puppy picture of Jack.  (melts)


Follow Jack’s adventures on his Facebook page, or chat with him on Twitter @JackMaffei  

Golden Retrievers Predict Superbowl Champs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

I managed to keep my eyes open last night long enough to catch 5 sleepy golden retriever puppies predict the Champions of Superbowl XLVII on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.  Who did they pick?

Yesterday, on the Late Night Twitter account, they posted a video of the puppies back stage. (just in case you wanted some more cuteness)  Click here to view, as I can’t seem to embed the tweet 🙁

I just love Jimmy Fallon.  Have you ever seen the Thank You Notes segment he does?  My favorite, after the puppy ones, of course.

latenightI received exclusive information on this group of puppies.  Here’s a little history for all you golden folks:

These pups were out of Tilly (CanCH Kyon’s Three To Get Ready owned by Giselle Graham) – Golden Grahams Goldens

CanCH Kyon's Three To Get Ready "Tilly"- courtesy Chris Miele

CanCH Kyon’s Three To Get Ready “Tilly”- courtesy Chris Miele

by Cross Creek Brigadoon (Am. pointed) “Clancy” owned by Christine Miele. – Cross Creek Goldens

Cross Creek Brigadoon (Am. pointed) "Clancy" - Chris Miele

Cross Creek Brigadoon (Am. pointed) “Clancy” – Chris Miele

This breeding previously created the puppies featured in a Ralph Lauren Ad campaign.


Peaches Geldof A Terrible Mom for Allowing Golden Retriever Near Baby?

A Twitter war has broken out between Peaches Geldof and Katie Price (aka Jordan)  over whether or not it is safe to let dogs around babies.

Reality TV star and model Katie Price (left) accused Peaches of being an irresponsible parent for letting her golden retriever “Parpy” near her son after Geldof posted  pictures of the beautiful duo on Twitter.

Katie Price wrote about the incident in her newspaper column in The Sun.

Let’s hope she grows up a bit more before becoming a mum to two tots,” and  “An animal is an animal and that means they can turn on you at any point. All new mums should also remember that dogs can easily get jealous of new babies.

Katie continues “I’ve got two French mastiffs and a French bulldog at home but my kids are only ever allowed to play with them over the fence.”

(doesn’t that sound like a barrel of fun?)

On November 19th, Peaches replied with a series of tweets:

Funny that Katie Price aka “Jordan” (lol) thinks that I shouldn’t allow my gentle, sweet golden retriever dog near his best friend, my son-”

“I could say the same thing to her about letting some of the multitude of “boyfriends” she has near her kids. They all seem to be more vicious and far less intelligent than my dog will ever be. And I do just LOVE seeing her flashing her vag in the press all the time. *vom*.”

‘A female role model for the times if ever I saw one, and of course the perfect person to be lecturing me about my mothering skills. Er…’

I have to agree with Peaches on this one.  Katie Price is no role model, and should not be pointing fingers, and Parpy is adorable looking puppy!

What do you think?

The Golden Retriever “Bucket List”

I recently read an article in The Telegraph called “50 Things To Do Before You Die – If You’re A Dog”  This list was compiled by TH>N pet insurance and TV vet Marc Abraham.

I found it to be a little elaborate, with the whole visiting another continent thing, as well as meeting a famous dog, and howling other words etc.

I decided to create my own, golden-retriever oriented list, just for fun.

Consider this the “Ultimate Golden Retriever Bucket List

1.  Play fetch. For a long time.  Till you can’t play any longer.

2.  Bring your human a shoe or article of clothing as often as you can.

3. Play “full out” with a group of kids.

4. Dig up the yard.

5.  Go for a swim in the lake/ocean.

6.  Run up to your humans and shake all over them after your swim in the lake/ocean.

Shake, Shake, Shake

Shake, Shake, Shake (Photo credit: IcK9s [M. H. Stephens])

7. Go for an off leash hike with your human.

8.  Get sprayed by a skunk. (okay, maybe not this one, but it is almost inevitable)

9. Roll in a mud puddle.

Do you like my new look?

Do you like my new look? (Photo credit: Kol Tregaskes)

10. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes

11. Sleep in your owner’s bed

12. Wake your owner with a wet sloppy kiss

13. Ride in a car with your head out the window.

14. Relax by a fire.

15.  Have a Facebook, Dogster, or Twitter account, or star in a YouTube video.

16 . Rip the stuffing out of a stuffed animal.

Tucker with Monkee (now minus the stuffing)

17 . Jump up on the company.

18. Play frisbee on the beach

19. Steal food from the counter.

20. Spread garbage all over the house.

I would love to add to this list, and hear your comments on what our goldens should experience!  The best 5 will be chosen and added to “The Bucket List” to make it a Top 25, after January 1, 2013.

Please share this post with your fellow golden retriever humans!