Golden Retriever Dies From Tainted Treats?

Gary and Carol Kriesel’s 3 year old golden retriever Emma was a perfectly happy and healthy dog.  On October 3rd , Emma headed out to the wood pile with her human and sister dog Molly.  Emma spasmodically flipped in the air and fell to the ground.  She died immediately. Her death has yet to be explained. The owners remember giving her a chicken jerky treat (that was made in China) 5 minutes earlier.  Their vet advised that they have a list of at least 20 recalls on pet treats recently.  Could the treat have killed Emma?  You can read the full story from Detroit Lakes Online here.

“Emma” – Detroit Lakes Online

I have read articles about jerky, pig’s ear, and other dog treats being contaminated recently.  The standards for pet food are not like they are for humans, so many questionable items slip through the cracks.  What are we rewarding our dogs with?

So sad about Emma. My heart goes out to the Kriesels.   Since hearing this horrible news, I say make your own treats!  I am on the lookout for some great grain-free recipes.  If you have any, please share.  What do you feed your golden for a reward?  Tucker is most responsive to my baked liver.

The Tucker Files – Shopping Spree at PetSmart


Today I spent over an hour in PetSmart.  I just love that store.  Needless to say, Tucker and Betty got a little bit spoiled today.  I apologize in advance for the grainy photos, they were taken with my cell phone.  I plan on developing my photography skills in the near future.

I  started in the dog section.  The first thing I picked out was Monkey.  Kinda looks like a sock monkey with a squeaker inside.  I thought Tucker needed a new stuffed toy, and besides, it was half off!  What was I thinking…

Here’s monkey after about ten minutes:

Next was the clicker.  I’ve been watching videos of dogs trained with this method, and want to do some more research on it before I attempt it with Tucker, but again, 50 % off, so I figured, why not?

While I was in the training aisle, I picked up a training line.  This will come in handy with the digging, counter surfing and unruly behaviour.  Now if only I could find his training collar…

Now that Tucker is starting to shed, I picked up the Furminator.  It was on sale also.  I was so concerned about getting the right weight, I didnt realize they also sold different coat lengths too.

Next I sauntered over the the cat section.  Who am I kidding, and the fish section, rodent section, bird section, and reptile section.  I eventually returned to the dog section to focus on treats.  I feel these bones are really great for their teeth.  They are Canadian made and are stuffed with a meat filling.  The only downfall to these is when one gets dropped on your toe, or you stub it on one.

Tucker is enjoying one of the bones as I write this.

Last but not least, the liver treats, also made by Rollover.

When I was finished at PetSmart, I sauntered over to Best Buy and treated myself to a new blogging tool, considering I am always fighting with my teenage daughters for computer time.  Yes, it is PINK!!!!

It was a pretty great day.  Now I am enjoying a glass of red wine and playing with my new laptop.

Oh my goodness! Muddy Golden Retriever

Okay, so this is just a video, been a busy last few days…but just watch…all I can say is “Oh My Goodness”