Pupbox – Review and Unboxing

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a Pupbox for the blog.  Pupbox is a monthly subscription box that is specifically customized to your puppy or dog based on age and size.  Each month a new package of toys and treats, accessories and training information are delivered right to your door.  The ultimate way to spoil your four legged friend for as little as $29 USD a month.

Here is a video of Tucker and I unboxing our Pupbox…

Here is a brief description of the items in our pupbox:

  1. Puppy Teething Rings from N-Bone – great for teething puppies!20170805_230948


2.  Stuffed interactive toy from Zippy Paws – The S.S. Zippy has fish that can pop in and out of the holes on the boat giving your puppy a fun experience.20170805_230753

3.  Dynamo Dog soft dog treats (Made in the USA, grain free)  These were peanut butter flavor and Tucker and his friends couldn’t get enough!20170805_230918

4.  Squeak and Light Ball by “Gnawsome” (and YES, it does glow!)20170805_230419

5.  Chilly Bone soft teething bone, freeze for easing gums during teething.20170805_230458

6.  A bully stick from Natural Dog Company20170805_230851


Pupbox has been featured on Shark Tank, and is the way of the future for pet owners who like to spoil their fur babies on a regular basis.

Click here to order your subscription today!  Use code TDG for a 10% discount.

Homemade Cookies for your Golden Retriever

I received my cookie cutters from cheap cookie cutters the other day and finally had time to make Tucker some treats tonight.


With all the pet food and treat scares I like to make Tucker homemade cookies. I have refined my recipe as follows

2 C flour (rice, whole wheat, all purpose whatever)
1 C oats
1/4 C honey
1 C peanut butter
3/4 C hot water
1 egg
Drizzle olive or flax seed oil

Combine ingredients and roll out and cut into shapes.


Bake at 350 F for about 10 to 15 minutes until golden on edges and cooked through, depending on thickness.



Tucker’s kibble is grain free, and its best when his treats can be too, at least most of the time. I cant wait to try these on Tucker.

Just a Little Something


Just a little something for you from Guy and Rodd one of my favorite comics.  You can follow their Brevity Comic Strip on Facebook here.

The Tucker Files – Treats!!!

Made some treats for Tucker last night.  I don’t have cookie cutters, or at least, I can’t find them.  Cut them by hand.


here he is waiting for them.


Not much to post on tonight..

Tucker and I Took the “Leave-It” Challenge, and Passed!

Does your dog have self-control?  Can you place his or her favorite treat inches away and snap a photo?  What a great challenge!

I came across this blog post from a great blog called It’s All About Dogs while browsing dog blogs today, and it seemed like a great idea!.  I Googled “Leave It Challenge dogs” and came upon this cute blog post from another blog called  Lynne’s Letters of various dogs posing with their favorite food. Can you and your dog pass the “Leave It” Challenge?  Share this post with your other dog friends and see if they can complete “The Leave-It Challenge”.  It’s fun, regardless of the breed!!

Here’s Tucker watching intently while I position the kibble…


And here I am in action, placing the kibble, and telling him what a good boy he is the whole time.  He is only just over a year old, and for a golden retriever, this is extreme self control.  Keep in mind, he also has the photographer flashing photos behind him in the background.


And here he is, challenge complete.  Milliseconds after this, he went for the kibble, (I quickly said “good boy!!!!!)  and I got 90 percent of it, praised the heck out of him some more, and gave him a small piece of cheese!!  Good boy Tucker!!


Yes, I AM wearing flannel pajamas and a pink sweatshirt, it IS Saturday night! (these photos are courtesy of my boyfriend and his fancy-dancy camera)  Now if only he could leave the shoes, socks, food on the counter, eyeglasses,contact lenses, prescription pills, ……

“Jenga” Golden Retriever – Carson!

In 2011, Carson the Golden Retriever became a YouTube sensation and has been featured in Huffington Post, on Mother Nature Network and ABC News.  Lara Spencer even gave him a shoutout on Good Morning America.

Here he is balancing 50 dog treats on his nose.  What a good boy!

I don’t know why I bother reading the comments on these YouTube videos (I was trying to figure out the dogs’ name) but I was amazed at all the idiots who call this “animal cruelty”  The dog clearly loves this!

Carson has other videos on his YouTube Channel where he balances a treat on a straw, on his nose and paws, and while lying on his back!

Full article from ABC News with video here.