10 Great Gift Ideas for Golden Retriever Lovers

Here are some great gift ideas for the golden retriever lover in your life.  These are just some of the things I found shopping around.  Just click on the photo to take you to the link to purchase…

  1.  I must get one of these!  It’s a decal that could go on your car, your laptop, or wherever it will stick.   Check out NickerStckers on Etsy. $7.59 USDimage
  1.  A gorgeous ornament from Painted Pooches sells for $22 USD and can be customized with name, date, included in the price.  They offer other great handcrafted gifts as well.

image3.  Golden lover AND wine lover?  The perfect choice is the Golden Retriever collection from Benefit Wines.  $6 from every bottle goes to the rescue or charity of your choice.  You choose from the menu at the top of their site. Such an amazing concept..two of my favourite things.  You can choose from options like Zoey’s Merlot or Edie’s Chardonnay.  My link is to Arizona Golden Retriever Connection, but you can choose your own…


  1.  For the foodie or BBQ chef in your life, CafePress offers an apron for $23.99 USD.

image5.  Goldenopoly – the board game for golden retriever lovers. $22.99 on Amazon.com


  1.  Pangea makes a toaster not only with a golden retriever on the side, it browns one into your slice of toast too!  Sells on Amazon for $34.99 USD.


  1.  This adorable pair of salt and pepper shakers from Westland Giftware entitled “Mwuah” are only $15.94 (plus shipping) and have magnets in their noses so they kiss!image

8.  Bake cookies with this copper cookie cutter  brought to you by The Fussy Pup, available on Amazon for $14.79 plus shipping and include the cutter!


  1.  This quality umbrella from The San Francisco Umbrella Company is available now for only $39.95.  This would be on my list!


10.  A one-of-a-kind golden retriever necklace from For Love of a Dog caught my eye, and is something I would love to own someday…they offer other jewellery as well!


Another great idea  I wanted to mention is a calendar featuring golden retrievers.  Check online for a rescue near you, many of them offer calendars and other items, and proceeds go to rescuing these golden beauties!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!



Update: 10 Golden Retrievers “Mutt Muggin”

I first heard about mutt muggin’ from fellow blogger Dr. Jessica Vogelsang and her adorable Brody at Pawcurious. She posted a photo on her facebook page of her golden muggin’ and in the caption said “You all should try this, it’s surprisingly entertaining.”



It’s basically a picture of your dog inside of a mug. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mutt either! Tucker and I gave it a shot…it was definitely entertaining!
Thanks to Beth for sharing this picture of Romy mutt muggin.

A perfect day for a Golden cup of coffee!!

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This is a #repost for #muttmugginTDG 😊

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I would love to see your best shot at “mutt muggin” with your golden.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, or email it to me at thedailygolden@gmail.com.

Internet Trend Watch – Mutt Muggin and Banana to Scale – Vetstreet

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Do You Have A Nickname For Your Golden Retriever?

I have several nicknames for Tucker.  “Little Guy” “Stinky old Guy”, “Sweet Face”, “Sir Poops Alot” ..the list goes on and on.  This is just a silly, fun post.  I am curious to know what you call you golden(s)  Please share in the comments or #goldenretrievernicknames on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  For even more fun, share a picture that captures the “nickname”

Thanks to @colleenconway of Instagram for allowing me to share this photo of her “schmoozle” the late “Summer”


Here she is again, she also gets the nickname “Summersault”


One more example, TT Cruiser, from @goldenceramics on Instagram.


And “Dexter Deuteronomy” the Nuclear Power Puppy from Delta BC @bbear604


Sorry I couldn’t resize these pictures with quality…Thanks in advance for participating!  I know you have a “pet name” for your dog!

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