Artist Tom Mosser Reveals New Golden Retriever Painting

Tom Mosser, creator of “A Golden Retriever at the Museum” has just revealed his latest painting in the “Museum” series.  You may recognize this first painting of Lucas staring longingly at a tennis ball.


The new painting, “Puppy Love:  Golden Retrievers at the Museum” was inspired by Cooper the puppy.  It is the fourth painting of the series.

Tom was approached by a woman last spring who’s parents had recently lost two goldens to illness and were devastated.  They fell in love with Lucas from the famous painting, and inquired who his breeder was.  The woman was referred to Mountain View Kennels in Williamsburg, PA.  That is where they found Cooper.

Cooper and Lucas have since become buddies, which inspired the new painting that was revealed yesterday…


Previously in the “museum” series, here is “Rescue Dogs at the Museum


and “Sharing the Love – A Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever at the Museum


A portion of the print sales will  be donated to 3 charity groups including The Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh.  You can get more information on ordering this print by emailing  You can also check out the website and Facebook page

Thanks for another masterpiece and all that you do for dogs in need Tom!

Artist Tom Mosser Reveals Next Golden Retriever Painting

A follow up to “A Golden Retriever At the Museum” was revealed yesterday by artist Tom Mosser.  He has created a new masterpiece entitled “Sharing the Love:  A Golden Retriever and A Labrador Retriever At The Museum”


“A Golden Retriever and A Labrador Retriever at the Museum” – Tom Mosser

Norma is a female Labrador Retriever, and a friend of Lucas.

Mosser tells WTAE Pittsburg: “It is so simple. A dog and a ball. Simple things in life have the most resonance.”

Mosser revealed the painting at the Animal Rescue League shelter in  Pittsburgh. T-Shirts of the first painting in the “Lucas” series were sold, with a portion of the proceeds going to the shelter.  (I really want a T-shirt!!)

There are currently 100 prints available.  Email for details.

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A Golden Retriever at the Museum

It’s “art imitating life.”  Artist Tom Mosser has created a masterpiece of his golden retriever “Lucas” (the viral sensation) gazing lovingly at a giant painting of a tennis ball.


Tom says Lucas is enjoying being the center of attention, but worries the fame may be going to his head…


This print is currently available in a signed, limited edition.  At the time of this post there are only about 20 copies left, so don’t delay if you wish to order one.  You can email for details.

On their Facebook page, A Golden Retriever at the Museum, there is currently a contest to win a “Golden Retriever at the Museum” jigsaw puzzle.   The names of the contestants are written on tennis balls and Lucas choses the winner.  How cool is that?

Tom Mosser is an ambidextrous artist from Pittsburgh, PA,  This art is considered  “Ambidextrous Impressionism”  Visit his website at to see more of his work.  Tom is also a long time golden retriever lover and is currently working with rescue groups on fundraisers.

Here is a photo of Tom and Lucas at work in the studio.  Lucas inspects all the prints before they are sent out.


Tom and Lucas are being featured on the local news tonight on Congratulations on your TV debut Lucas!

Update:  Here’s the story and video:

Local Man’s Dog Inspires Worldwide Phenomenon – – Video