Golden Retriever Suffers Superbowl Injuries

MINEAPOLIS, MI – Logan, a 9 year old golden retriever, had a very close call this past Superbowl Sunday.  Logan’s owner Jerry Hudy explained to Kare 11 News that some children at their Superbowl party left a plate of chicken wings unattended on a chair.  Later that night Logan began vomiting, and in the morning his abdomen was swollen and he was acting very lethargic.


The Hudy’s rushed Logan to their vet for x-rays.  He was referred to Blue Pearl Veterinary  Partners, who confirmed Logan was suffering from GDV – gastric dilatation volvulus, (aka twisted stomach, or “bloat”).  They removed a rock, the chicken bones, and even the remains of a football!


Logan’s Dr, Heather Hadley stressed that it is very important to treat this early, as it can often result in death.  She advises to contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice strange behavior in your pet.

Logan seemed to be doing just fine at his follow up appointment, and was on the road to a full recovery.

Full story with video:

Dog survives ill-advised Superbowl Buffet – Kare 11 News

Golden Retriever Stars in Time Machine Video – Needs Your Votes!

Hogan is a golden retriever from Scottsdale Arizona who is featured in one of the Top 5 commercials vying for a chance to be viewed during the Superbowl. (as well as 1 million dollars!)  Doritos is holding a Crash The Superbowl VIII Contest and have narrowed the finalists down to 5.  The video was created by Ryan Thomas Anderson and also stars his adorable son Gavin.


Check out this video and vote HERE once a day until January 24 to see this adorable boy on screens all over the world.  You can also support his Twitter and Facebook pages.  Good luck Ryan, Gavin and Hogan!

Superbowl Sunday with Golden Retrievers Ginger and Buddy

I know I have already posted Golden Video of the Week, but since its International Golden Retriever Day and Superbowl Sunday, I am going to post two!

Here is YouTube sensation Ginger, and Buddy celebrating the Superbowl.  Enjoy.

PS.  Fellow golden blogger K9 Harper Lee brought up a good point, The 49ers are from “The Golden State” so there is no question who we will be cheering for!

Jimmy Fallon gets new Golden Retriever Puppy!

Jimmy Fallon has a reputation for having golden retriever puppies on his show.  WARNING:  THESE VIDEOS ARE FILLED WITH EXTREME CUTENESS!!!

Here is a video from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon entitled “If Puppies Could Vote” where golden retriever puppies predict the Best Picture for The Academy Awards. Puppies Predict The Oscars 

Here’s a video from Big Lead Sports of golden retrievers on Jimmy Fallon predicting The Superbowl 2012 between The Giants and The Patriots.  The Puppy Predictors strike again! Puppies Predict Superbowl

Jimmy couldn’t resist the urge for a golden retriever puppy.  He recently tweeted a picture with the caption “A new member of the family”  No word yet on a name.  I nominate “Emmy” or “Oscar”

Courtesy Jimmy Fallon

Full story courtesy of  here.

Update:  This girl’s name is “Gary”