How Long Do Your Golden Retriever’s Stuffed Toys Last?

I love seeing pictures of golden retrievers snuggled up with their “stuffies” or just carrying them around in their mouths. Sometimes they have a whole toy box of these things.

This is not the case with Tucker. I think the longest one of those things has lasted in our house was maybe a week.

Do you know of any “indestructable stuffies? Maybe if he had a whole bunch, he wouldn’t destroy them. We only buy one at a time.

Hopefully when Tucker is a bit older he will go easy on the stuffies, but for now, its fun to watch him destroy his “prey” like the stuffed mallard. (RIP mallard)


Product Win – Nylabone Dental Chew Bone – The Daily Golden

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The Tucker Files – Shopping Spree at PetSmart


Today I spent over an hour in PetSmart.  I just love that store.  Needless to say, Tucker and Betty got a little bit spoiled today.  I apologize in advance for the grainy photos, they were taken with my cell phone.  I plan on developing my photography skills in the near future.

I  started in the dog section.  The first thing I picked out was Monkey.  Kinda looks like a sock monkey with a squeaker inside.  I thought Tucker needed a new stuffed toy, and besides, it was half off!  What was I thinking…

Here’s monkey after about ten minutes:

Next was the clicker.  I’ve been watching videos of dogs trained with this method, and want to do some more research on it before I attempt it with Tucker, but again, 50 % off, so I figured, why not?

While I was in the training aisle, I picked up a training line.  This will come in handy with the digging, counter surfing and unruly behaviour.  Now if only I could find his training collar…

Now that Tucker is starting to shed, I picked up the Furminator.  It was on sale also.  I was so concerned about getting the right weight, I didnt realize they also sold different coat lengths too.

Next I sauntered over the the cat section.  Who am I kidding, and the fish section, rodent section, bird section, and reptile section.  I eventually returned to the dog section to focus on treats.  I feel these bones are really great for their teeth.  They are Canadian made and are stuffed with a meat filling.  The only downfall to these is when one gets dropped on your toe, or you stub it on one.

Tucker is enjoying one of the bones as I write this.

Last but not least, the liver treats, also made by Rollover.

When I was finished at PetSmart, I sauntered over to Best Buy and treated myself to a new blogging tool, considering I am always fighting with my teenage daughters for computer time.  Yes, it is PINK!!!!

It was a pretty great day.  Now I am enjoying a glass of red wine and playing with my new laptop.