Marine Shoots, Kills Neighbors’ Golden Retriever

Maysville, NC – On Monday November 26th, Lynn Sumner reported to the Onslow County Deputies that her dog had been shot.


Sierra was a sweet 6 1/2 year old golden retriever who was allegedly shot by her neighbor, Marine Chris Goodson, 24 yrs.

Neighbors in the area testified that the dog was a gentle dog, but another neighbor said the dog lunged at Goodson.

Alan Davis, director of Onslow County Animal Services reports that when deputies arrived on the scene, they saw Goodman with the dog in the back of a truck, taking it into the woods to dump him.

The incident is still under investigation.

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Golden Retriever Shot With Arrow, Dies

Last week in Seymour, Tenn a 6 year old golden retriever mix named Allie was shot with a bow and arrow that went right through her side.  She was seen wandering around by a stranger who brought her to a Veterinary clinic, where she had to be euthanized due to the extent of the injuries.

Allie, with arrow in her side Photo:

The dog’s owner Julie Scott called the clinic searching for her dog when she received the news.   Apparently the dog escaped the backyard, which was a common occurrence.

The Sevier County Humane Society offered a $250 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.  A 14 year old boy has admitted to the crime and will face a charge of Aggravated Animal Cruelty in Juvenile Court.
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Police Officer In Michigan Shoots, Kills Golden Retriever

An 8 year old golden retriever named “Scout” was shot and killed this past weekend in St Louis Michigan by a Cst Matt VanHall.  Conflicting reports as to why this happened, but according to the officer the dog charged at him.  One eye witness accounts this was not the case.   Wamsley told the officer the dog did not belong to her, and that it was not dangerous.  Her one version of the story is shocking.  She even confesses the officer continued to shoot the dog while his back was turned.  Full story from the Examiner here. So many questions are raised here…did the dog live in the backyard all the time?  Did the dog charge the officer?  I realize that not all golden retrievers fit the bill when it comes to temperament.  We can thank our irresponsible breeders for that.  Here is a copy of Cst VanHall’s police report.

An all day protest was held today at the St Louis Town Hall, which is across from the police station where Cst VanHall is employed.  Bottom line, if police are not equipped to handle dogs at large, perhaps they should contact animal control before taking such drastic actions.


Regardless of the circumstances, my heart goes out to the Goetzingers.  People, please keep your golden(s) close!

ANOTHER Golden Retriever shot by Police in Alabama

Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Is it a matter of shoot first, and ask questions later?  Are there a lot of aggressive Golden Retrievers in Alabama?  Whatever the case may be, and everyone can speculate, another golden has been shot by Police in the state of Alabama.

According to WAAY News,  Police were responding to a domestic violence call in Madison, when a golden retriever was shot in the shoulder.  One story is that the dog lunged at the officer, but the owners claim the dog was 10 yards away when the officer shot it.  Witnesses paint a picture of keystone cop type of episode, where the officer fired, fell back, and fired some more shots into the air.  Sounds like something from a bad comedy if you ask me.

English: American Golden Retriever

Photo Cred: Wikipedia (NOT actual dog from story)


This dog is expected to recover, and the Madison Police Department have agreed to cover the veterinary costs. (admission of guilt?)

Golden Retriever Fatally Shot by Police during Drug Raid

On July 20th in Decatur, Alabama, Morgan County Deputies were conducting a drug raid at an apartment complex.  Somehow in the process, the homeowners’ 3 year old Golden Retriever Aubie was shot and killed.  Authorities are stating the dog lunged at the officers.

“Aubrie” taken from Facebook page

A Facebook page has been created in outrage.  It contains graphic images of Aubie after she was shot. They claim the dog was killed while trying to run away from police..  You can view the page “Justice for Aubie” at your own risk

According to her personal Facebook page Sheriff Ana Franklin from The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office implies that the information on the Facebook page is false, and that legal action is being taken.  She posted the following:

“By now you have seen the pictures and read the posts about the dog being shot while the Morgan Co Drug Task Force was conducting a search warrant for illegal sales/possession of narcotics and marijuana.  There is noone that loves animals more than I do. This is a sad and unfortunate incident that I wish could have been avoided.  The case is still open and I cant comment on the details, but i can say that the information that has been posted is false and we will seek legal actions about this. These images and posts were were sent to inflame the public.  The issue at hand should be that the owner of this dog was selling drugs in an apartment complex, where families and children live close by.  Our first priority is the safety and securtiy of our deputies, as well as the suspects.  When there is a threat and an act of aggression to our officers, we will use the means necessary to stop that threat.  I am angered that drug dealers would put their dogs in that position, and I am also angered that they forced us to take these actions.  We will continue to do our job in an effort to make Morgan County a better place.”

Full story with video from WHNT News here.

I have a great respect for law enforcement, and a great love for golden retrievers.  Without more facts, I can’t form an opinion on this situation.