Watch Adorable Puppy Video = Feed Shelter Dogs

Well this is a win/win situation I am excited to share!  Soulpancake has partnered with Purina and will donate 1lb of Puppy Chow for every view of their video to Rescue Bank IF they reach their goal of 500,000 views.

The video explores the power puppies have on humans, and is worth every second.  At the time of this post “Can Puppies Fox Boredom?” has appoximately 115,000 views.  I’m confident they will  more than exceed their goal!

Now watch this adorable video and feed a shelter dog and SHARE AWAY!


Shelter Dogs eating Christmas Dinner will make your day!

The people at Freshpet have created a commercial staring shelter dogs (and one patient cat!) from The Humane Society of Utah who are in need of homes.  (Many have found one since the airing of this commercial!)705dogThe golden retriever plays a “teenager”, but there are so many cute dogs who are enjoying some Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who is celebrating!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of the video, in case you didn’t get enough.

Golden Retriever Puppies Attract A Crowd At North Carolina Shelter

On February 7, a group of golden retriever puppies were found wandering, and subsequently picked up by the Cleveland County Animal Control.  On the day they were placed for adoption, (last Wednesday)  there were people waiting outside.  Perspective puppy buyers filled the reception area filling out adoption forms.  Due to a post on their Facebook page, all five dogs had been adopted within minutes of opening their doors.

Retrievers attract widespread adoption interest at county shelter

One of the five golden retriever puppies stands ready to leave the shelter Wednesday morning. All five were adopted as soon as the shelter opened its doors Wednesday for adoptions.
Ben Earp/The Star

According to comments on the original article posted in the Shelby Star,  the dogs were listed as “labs” when found and the family searching for them came up empty.  Animal control slapped them with a hefty fine to claim the puppies so they ended up turning them over.

Retrievers attract widespread adoption interest at County shelter – The Shelby Star

Another Free Audiobook For Your Golden Retriever – Yalu and The Puppy Room

Yalu and The Puppy Room is a story about a 6 week old golden retriever living in a shelter waiting for her forever home.  There are some parts that are rather sad, when all of the other dogs, including Yalu’s brothers and sisters, are getting adopted, but Yalu eventually finds her perfect forever home, with lots and lots of grass!   The golden retriever tells the story, so its extra cute to play for your dog!

Book cover for Yalu and the Puppy Room. (PRNewsFoto/Little Brown Dog)

Here’s the free audiobook on YouTube.

Tucker and I give the story two thumbs up! (pretend Tucker has thumbs, okay!)

The story is written by Brian T Yates and  and is based on the real story of how his dog chose their family.  Brian is working on his next book Yalu and the Stinky Stink – where Yalu gets sprayed by, you guessed it – a skunk.

Yalu The Puppy Dog is a great site for kids with puzzles and pictures of Yalu.  (those puzzles come in 80 piece classic too, fur us grown ups 😉 )

“Goldens in the Park” sounds like heaven..

Lil, a 4-year-old golden retriever owned by Lori and Ed Kalin of Arroyo Grande, was successful in getting four tennis balls in her mouth at one time. //Contributed photos

Just imagine, 300 Golden Retrievers all in one place, a sunny day, and lots of tennis balls.  Last Sunday July 8th was the 5th Annual Goldens in The Park in Laguna Lake Park in San Luis Obipso.  The event is held to raise money for the Woods Humane Society & Animal Shelter & Adoption Partners (A.S.A.P.)  The event is organized by Lenny Jones of  SLO County Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retrievers, as well as other breeds, participated in contests like “most tennis balls in the mouth”, “best trick” and “most senior golden”

Photo courtesy of Emotions – A 1000 Words Photography

Photo courtesy Emotions – A 1000 Words Photography

Photo courtesy Emotions – A 1000 Words Photography

Photo courtesy Emotions – A 1000 Words Photography