New Puppy Cam Alert! Warrior Canine Connection has a New Litter!

The Warrior Canine Connection is celebrating the arrival of a new litter of puppies that will grow up to be service dogs for veterans. (they are still being born at the time of this post)   This is mom Rhonda.

Be sure to check out  for puppy cam footage soon!  And kiss your productivity goodbye!

Rhonda’s Litter – Nursery Cam (Puppies!)  – Click HERE!


A Brand New Service Dog Golden Retriever Puppy Cam!

The East Cost Assistance Dogs (aka Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) are featuring a live stream puppy cam of golden retriever mom “Gucci” who gave birth to a litter of 8 puppies on May 05, 2013.  Some of the puppies (named the “Gucclettes”) are black, so I am guessing that dad may be a lab.  Can you imagine how cute these puppies are going to be?  These dogs will be trained to assist people with disabilities, including wounded veterans, with things like opening doors, turn lights on and off, retrieving things, and many other tasks.

Gucci and the Guclettes - ECAD - Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities

Gucci and the Guclettes – ECAD – Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities

If you need a puppy fix, check out the live puppy cam on

East Coast Assistance Dogs – Live Puppy Cam –

Puppy Cam Features Future Service Dogs For Disabled Veterans – Mashable

Introducing…Pirelli..The Three Legged Golden Retriever

Pirelli was born into a life of purpose.  He was born into a litter of dogs bred specifically to become service dogs.  There was just one problem.  Pirelli was born without a foot.   The Canine Assistants Organization decided that Pirelli had a different lot in life.  He would attend schools in the Georgia area and teach kids that disabilities don’t limit who you are as a person.  Such a beautiful message.

Because Pirelli is growing, he needs constant care for his prosthetic.  Please donate if you can here.

Here’s a full version of the story from The Daily Mail.

Best of Luck to Pirelli and the Canine Assistants Organization.