Bretagne, The last known surviving 9/11 dog, has died

Bretagne, the last known surviving canine hero who searched the rubble of ground zero after the 9/11 tragedy on September 11, 2001, has crossed the rainbow bridge.  She was a 16 year old golden retriever.



When Denise Corliss, Bretagne’s (pronounced Brittany) owner and handler noticed earlier this week that Bretagne wasn’t eating, she knew something wasn’t right.  Eating was her favorite thing.  Sunday night she wouldn’t settle unless she was right by Denise’s side.

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Golden Retriever Thanks State Police with Slobbery Kisses After Rescue

Holland, MA – A very grateful golden retriever kissed the faces of his rescuers last Sunday after a scary incident.  The dog was accidentally run over by his owner in their driveway.  When the owner realized this she called for help.  State troopers Paul Bertozzi and Daniel Nunes attended, along with Animal Control Officer Wendy LaSage.

They used a jack to raise the vehicle and free the golden.  When the was free, it ran over and started giving the troopers slobbery kisses!


Photo – Facebook – Massachusetts State Police

Golden Retriever Rescued from House Fire

Pocopson, PA – On 21 May 2014 about 50 firefighters from local and surrounding departments fought a 2 alarm blaze while a golden retriever lay afraid in the basement. The homeowner, Michael Pacifico, who was in the shower when the fire started, was alerted of the fire by a neighbor. The fire had started in the garage. The homeowner was unable to find Cody, a 3 year old rescued golden retriever. After almost an hour, while owners Michael and Lisa watched in horror, firefighters found Cody in the basement and brought her to the safety of her very happy owners.

Cody and his owners - Photo Michael Price - The Daily Local News

Cody and his owners – Photo Michael Price – The Daily Local News

Reporter Michael Price from The Daily Local News in West Chester, PA captured the moment on video: (skip to 2:55 if you don’t want to watch the house burn for several minutes)

It felt really good. I feel like I’m in a dream right now” said Cody’s owner Lisa Pacifico in an article from the Daily Local News about seeing her dog being brought from the home.

Full story here:

Fire guts house; Golden Retriever Saved – Michael Price – Daily Local News, West Chester, PA

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Golden Retriever Raising Funds for Oxygen Masks for Pets in San Diego

Right now there are some severe wildfires burning in San Diego, California and thousands of homes have been evacuated.  There have been some great stories of pets and other animals being rescued.

Enter Ricochet, the SURFice dog, who raises money and awareness for all kinds of causes.  Ricochet is raising money to provide pet oxygen masks to all San Diego County fire departments.  Each kit costs $75 and includes 3 sizes.  The area is in a severe drought, and wildfire season has just begun.

If you would like to donate, please go to Ricochet’s fundraising page.

Don’t forget to include your pet in your emergency and fire safety plans.

San Diego Wildfires Still Raging – Fire Safety Dogs Give Tips – Wendy Diamond – Animal Fair

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A Gala of Golden Retrievers!

Adopt A Golden Atlanta held their annual Gala on Saturday April 19th to benefit abandoned golden retrievers in the Atlanta area. Golden retrievers were welcome, and dressed in fine attire.  This is Dexter.  (*Photos from Facebook page of Adopt A Golden Atlanta)


Cupcakes were on the menu


And these cute little guys made an appearance!


The decor was amazing.


They showed a video highlighting the 4 greatest rescue stories of the year that was sent to me by a reader. Grab the kleenex. The smiles on these dogs’ faces says it all.  Wonderful people, wonderful dogs.  Life isn’t all bad!

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Golden Retriever Rescue Attempts to Break Guinness World Record

On Sunday September 21st, 2014, in Alliston, Ontario  (a town 6o min north of Toronto), Golden Rescue will hold their 22nd annual picnic at the beautiful MapleLane Farms that boasts a 3 acre off leash area.  There are also activities like dock diving and agility.  Last year there were over 120 dogs in attendance.





This year, they want to break the Guinness World Record for most dogs being brushed at one time.  All breeds are welcome.  (Imagine the fur ball!)   Funds raised go to this amazing rescue organization.  Click here to see their website for details.

I am only two hours away, and I really hope to bring Tucker!

If you would be interested in attending, they would love it if you give them a “heads up” by emailing them at

and don’t forget to bring your brush!  BYOB!

Here’s a video from last years picnic.

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Golden Retriever Saves Owners’ Life after Snowmobile Accident

Trapper Creek, Alaska – A 15 month old golden retriever named Amber is to credit for the survival of her owner, Otis Orth, as reported in The Alaska Dispatch.

Amber and Alaskan Sate Trooper Lucas Hegg - ALASKA STATE TROOPERS

Amber and Alaskan Sate Trooper Lucas Hegg – ALASKA STATE TROOPERS

On Sunday March 2nd, Orth and Amber headed out on a snowmobile about 115 miles north Anchorage to go into the nearby town for supplies. The machine hit a hollow snow drift that threw Orth and Amber off and sliding about 30-40 feet. When they finally came to a stop, Orth was unable to move. Amber appeared uninjured and stayed within 20 yards of Orth the entire time. When the night got colder, Amber rested her head on Orth’s stomach, and they kept each other warm until the sun came up.To make matters worse, at one point there was a raven that appeared very interested in Orth, and he was worried about his eyes being pecked. Again, Amber to the rescue, who chased the bird off when needed.

Daylight came, and when Orth heard snowmobiles, he started yelling excitedly at Amber to go get them, as if she would get a ride. Amber ran out to the main trail and chased the 2 snowmobilers, who had noticed the abandoned snowmobile but didn’t assume trouble. When they realized they were being followed by the dog, they stopped, and Amber led them back to her injured owner. Does this sound like something out of Lassie or what?

Being in a remote area, rescuers brought a generator and blow dryers to use to warm up the man while they waited for a helicopter to arrive. Amber did not want to leave Orth’s side. Orth and Amber were in the snow for about 32 hours before being rescued.

Amber is being cared for by a family friend, while Orth remains in the hospital awaiting spinal surgery. He may also lose toes on his left foot from frostbite.

What makes this story even more special, is the fact that Amber was rescued this last December and given to Orth as a birthday gift. Amber was living with a family with a new child, and spent his life in a kennel and was extremely underweight prior to finding his new home. There is nothing more loyal than a rescued dog…

Here is the full story from The Alaska Dispatch:

Dog alterted snowmachiners to injured man who survived frigid night outside – Sean Doogan