The Tucker Files: Doing Better

We finally had a nice day here in Southern Ontario.  We took Tucker for a hike and a quick swim, since it has been over 10 days since “The Surgery”.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

running down the trail with gusto! (slightly out of focus, I’m working on this!)


Swimming in the river:


Checking out the scenery..(again, slightly out of foucus)


The car ride…


And now all brushed and checked for ticks, resting with his best buddie…a great (almost) summer day!


Good night everyone!!  Thank goodness summer is almost here!

It’s the weeeekend! Golden Retrievers Everywhere are Celebrating.

For many of us, this is the first nice weekend of the year.  Golden retrievers are celebrating!  These pictures are not of golden retrievers celebrating this weekend, but are to inspire you to get out with your golden and do something extra fun.  Tucker’s tail wouldn’t stop wagging tonight as he chewed on his “glowie” ball at the park.  He has had a busy day.  Tomorrow we plan to take him for his first swim of the year.

Here is Lacey, Taz and Bond from Liz’s Golden Retriever page frolicking in the waves…

Lacey Taz and Bond from Liz's Golden Retriever Lovers page

Lacey Taz and Bond from Liz’s Golden Retriever Lovers page

Here is a group of goldens from Imgur living life to the fullest…

truckgoldensWhat do you plan on doing with your golden this weekend?

The Tucker Files: Golden Retriever on a Hike

Tucker had a great summer with many hikes on the local trail, which involved swimming in the river and fetching sticks.  Here are some of the best shots we were able to capture….

Here is a great photo of Tucker loving the river.  He likes to chase sticks, rescue them, bring them to the shore, and chew them to bits…


Sometimes he gets ahead of us, and looks back, “Are you guys coming?”


“Ahhh, chewing a stick I just rescued.”IMG_0974

This is sooo adorable! Golden Retriever guards, rides bike in China

Here is a video I found from CBS News of a golden retriever in china who is guarding his owners bike, I assume while the owner shops.  When he is done, the dog rides off on the seat, with the owner peddling away….be sure to watch the whole thing!

An open letter to Perez Hilton…

I just want to say, I love Perez*, always have.  I am currently working on an article on golden doodle greeders, and Perez and his greeder came up in my research.  I also realize he received an award from PETA (Proggy Award)  The key word in this whole long-winded letter is ETHICAL.

Dear Perez:

I am aware that you purchased a designer dog from a greeder in Southern California who shall remain nameless.  I also know that Teddy has captured your heart and will be a huge part of your life for a long time.  I really appreciate the fact that you highly promote rescue dogs.  Do you sometimes feel ashamed that you purchased your dog from a greeder who lets her “stock” sleep outside alone at night, in “clean oversize pens” (just like our local animal control shelter) and hires someone for very little wage to come care for them?  I sincerely hope you do.  Would you want that for Teddy?

You obviously know these shelters are overcrowded.  As a longtime dog lover/owner, and golden retriever enthusiast, I am really saddened that you chose this route.  Please don’t think that I am ignorant on this matter.  I even read the information on your greeders website about the pro’s of these designer dogs.  I just want to say, you can find just about anything on the internet, and if these people are greedy too, they also reap the financial rewards of this canine catastrophe we call “designer dogs”

There are real, passionate dog Breeders out there, who have a few dogs they keep and love, (in their home) and “stud” them out to other well loved dogs.  They also spend alot of time and money titling these dogs in either conformation or obedience.   These dogs have a clear genetic history, a serious breeding program that ensures the health of the breed, sound conformation and temperament, and a well established club (AKC,CKC, breed clubs, etc) and rescue organizations that are clearly non profit.  There is no such thing with the goldendoodles, labradoodles, cockapoos, puggles, etc etc.  I could go on and on.

On another note, I paid $800 for my purebred golden retriever, who’s ancestors are incredibly titled dogs, and came from loving, ETHICAL homes and breeders.  Sadly, your dog came from a puppy mill…(yes, I said it, how many litters a year do they have?) and I saw the prices on the site from where you purchased your Teddy. (the word “sucker” comes to mind here)

In short, what I am saying is, I suppose I can understand the Proggy Award from Peta for your wonderful blog..but the fact you (unknowingly, at the time, I’m sure) purchased your dog from a puppy mill, kind of makes me question this.  Please promote pets obtained from rescue or REPUTABLE, ETHICAL, Nationally Registered Breeders.

Sincerely, for the goldens..


*Perez Hilton is a goldendoodle owner and celebrity blogger from sites such as perezhilton, teddyhilton , and cocoperez

ps.  loving how spell check underlines the “designer breeds” and not the REAL breeds!!

Family misses Golden Retrievers sent to Rescue, Adopted.

Until I have all the facts, I’m not sure what to think on this one.  The story is of a family with two golden retrievers who go missing.  They are picked up a few miles away by animal control.  They are then sent to a rescue.  From there, they are adopted, not sure if together or not.  And then there are the Warrens, the picture perfect family who own the dogs, and apparently take them everywhere, “like their kids”.  When I read the comments of this article from The Bangor Daily News, I learned that the Warrens dogs were not tagged, or chipped OR spayed or neutered.  I can only think of two reasons for this…they were show dogs/breeding stock, (highly unlikely if not chipped, tattooed, or wearing tags) or they were used for a local puppy mill to pound out puppies (no pun intended) .  Warren family, if you are reading this, please respond!  Now that the dogs are spayed and neutered, and you have learned your lesson (I realize accidents happen, and dogs get away) I think I hope they are returned to you safe and sound..and if you read this, please support rescue and responsible, AKC registered breeders.

Here is the article in it’s entirety, here.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

If you are from the continental United States, and you own a Golden Retriever, you may be eligible to participate in a lifetime study, dedicated specifically for the breed.  They are looking for approx 3,000 golden retrievers, and the study will last 10-20 years.  I cant wait to see what they find.  I am Canadian, so unfortunately I do not qualify for the study, but here is where you can get the information