Does Your Golden Retriever Purr?

Goldens are quite often known for making a purring or soft snoring sound when they are being rubbed or petted in their favorite spots.  I’m sure other breeds do this as well, but I think it’s very common in goldens!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever (Photo credit: rkleine)

Becky White is a dog walker in Toronto who has a lot of experience with golden retrievers. Her blog DogsTwentyFourSeven chronicles her experiences as a dog walker.  In her popular post “Golden Retrievers and Their DNA” she writes:
I have found Golden Retrievers have a unique way of communicating when wanting something. The majority I have grown to love will draw in with their breath to make a sound in their throats to grab a human’s attention. Often it is two or three short repeated noises in a row and it seems to be when they are in a sitting position. They adore being patted and this sound I think is a technique they use to communicate “keep the patting/stroking coming. I love it!”  I think very similar to a cat purring.”

Check out this cute puppy demonstrating….”you are not a cat” !!!

Does your dog purr?  Have you heard of this before?