Product Win – Green Leaf Pets Lotion Bar

Does your golden retriever have “ruff”, cracked paws?  Tucker does.  A few weeks ago My Dog Paws was donating $1 for every lotion bar purchased to the ASPCA in honor of Puppybowl.


I decided to order a bar for Tucker and we received in the mail a few days later.  I put some on Tucker’s paws and rubbed it in.  He didn’t seem to mind at all.  The results were instant.

I really like this lotion bar because it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue on the dogs paws that will ruin your carpets and floors.  I think a 2 oz tin will probably last his lifetime.  It can also be used on dry noses.

The bars are all natural, chemical free and fragrance free.

They offer free shipping anywhere in the US. (Due to high shipping costs, they are unable to ship Internationally at this time)

Pamper your golden today!

Update:  The company is expanding to other animals, and have changed their name to Green Leaf Pets.

Check them out on line at Green Leaf Pets and like their Facebook page.

Be sure to tell them The Daily Golden sent you!

Product Fail – The “PooTrap”

I saw this on Facebook awhile back and thought it was a joke.  Anderson Cooper featured it on his show the other day, and I knew it was, in fact, for real.  In researching, I found an article from Tech Crunch from 2009, so this thing has been around awhile.  No wonder it hasn’t taken off.

The PooTrap comes in 8 sized and 3 colors and costs around 30 – 40 dollars.  It was invented by a company called  Wouldn’t you just rather pick up the dogs poop then spend half an hour strapping one of these ridiculous contraptions to your pet? Seriously..

Here’s the commercial (feel free to laugh accordingly)

Time for another poll, I love polls…

Would you use the “PooTrap” ?

Even though Tucker has never used one of these and never will, I am placing this immediately in the “Product Fail” category.

Nice try.