Artist Tom Mosser Reveals Next Golden Retriever Painting

A follow up to “A Golden Retriever At the Museum” was revealed yesterday by artist Tom Mosser.  He has created a new masterpiece entitled “Sharing the Love:  A Golden Retriever and A Labrador Retriever At The Museum”


“A Golden Retriever and A Labrador Retriever at the Museum” – Tom Mosser

Norma is a female Labrador Retriever, and a friend of Lucas.

Mosser tells WTAE Pittsburg: “It is so simple. A dog and a ball. Simple things in life have the most resonance.”

Mosser revealed the painting at the Animal Rescue League shelter in  Pittsburgh. T-Shirts of the first painting in the “Lucas” series were sold, with a portion of the proceeds going to the shelter.  (I really want a T-shirt!!)

There are currently 100 prints available.  Email for details.

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