This golden retriever singing along to the piano will make your day

This is Oscar.  He can’t seem to help himself when his human starts to play “The Prayer”.

And here’s an encore…check out the audience member in the background…

We can’t wait till Oscar learns some more songs…so far he only chooses to sing to this one.

Any ideas what song might make Oscar sing?  I suggest “Memory”….like from Cats.


Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Puppy Plays Piano, Sings

Introducing Ziggy the Golden who is 11 weeks old in this video.  His passion for music is evident!

Golden Video Of The Week – Golden Retrievers Playing Piano, For Real!

These two golden retrievers have been trained to play “The Flea Waltz” on musical cue.  What patience this must have taken.  Just goes to show you once again how smart this (cough-best-breed-cough-ever) is.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present “The Flea Waltz”  I wish I could report the name of this girl in the video who plays the ocarina , or the names of the dogs, but I have yet to find it.  I would love to talk to this girl!!  So far, I think her name is Kanal von Schlauwauwau, and that the dogs are cousins…yet to be confirmed.  UPDATE:  Patrica responded to my YouTube comment.  The dogs are Temper, and Qurious (called “Q”)

Oh my gosh!  There is more!  Check out this YouTube channel….this woman has a gift!