The Daily Golden’s Facebook Photo of the Day

The Daily Golden page on Facebook is growing at a slow and steady pace.  There are so many golden retriever pages out there to compete with.  Many of these pages are basically posting other people’s photos, and repeatedly asking for “likes” (and I’m not talking about the personal pages)


The Daily Golden Facebook page is a self-curated page full of new and relevant golden retriever news, cute stuff, and information on all things golden retriever, and now the home of The Daily Golden’s Facebook Photo of the Day.

Each day I will share my favorite picture of a golden retriever that I have either found on my news feed, on one of your pages (yes, sometimes I am a golden-stalker!) or one submitted by a follower.  Hoping this will help the page gain momentum. At the end of each month, I will announce and repost the photo with the most “likes” that month.  I guess this means we will also celebrate The Daily Golden’s Facebook Photo of the Year!  Due to the fact I have not yet researched how to run a contest, the only prize at this time is international fame. (I only wish this were true, but you would sure get a warm and fuzzy feeling!)

Submit your best photo(s) of your golden retriever(s) to the Facebook page  or email if you would like your golden to be featured.  Our very first Facebook Photo of the Day is Darbi Joe.  Here she is taking time to smell the lilacs!

Darbi Jo the Golden Retriever - Facebook

Darbi Jo the Golden Retriever – Facebook

If you are on Facebook, I encourage you to “like” my The Daily Golden page.  I try to post new, original stuff, and not too often.  The odd time I get a bit carried away…

*If you email, please specify who the correct person to credit is, if you want it credited, and if you want it linked.  I don’t mind sharing!

Go get searching for your best photos!  Only selected photos will be posted 🙂