Golden Video of the Week – A Tribute To Daisy

This video was made in memory of Daisy, who has been a star in some of our favorite videos featuring ParkerPup.  Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge after a battle with cancer (lymphoma) on Aug 20, 2013.

Parker continues to fight for the cause raising funds and awareness.  R.I.P. Daisy girl.

Please help Parker win the fight.  Go to or visit his Facebook page.

Golden Retrievers go Trick or Treating! Priceless!!

I saw this and just couldn’t wait for “Golden Video of the Week” considering Halloween would be over by then.

Here is an amazing YouTube video from ParkerPup of Gwen, Parker and Daisy, three golden retrievers who don’t seem to mind putting on the costumes for treats!  Lots of cool costumes are displayed in this video, my favorite is the very first one!  It had me in stitches.

Enjoy!  Happy Halloween!