Golden Retriever Rescue Attempts to Break Guinness World Record

On Sunday September 21st, 2014, in Alliston, Ontario  (a town 6o min north of Toronto), Golden Rescue will hold their 22nd annual picnic at the beautiful MapleLane Farms that boasts a 3 acre off leash area.  There are also activities like dock diving and agility.  Last year there were over 120 dogs in attendance.





This year, they want to break the Guinness World Record for most dogs being brushed at one time.  All breeds are welcome.  (Imagine the fur ball!)   Funds raised go to this amazing rescue organization.  Click here to see their website for details.

I am only two hours away, and I really hope to bring Tucker!

If you would be interested in attending, they would love it if you give them a “heads up” by emailing them at

and don’t forget to bring your brush!  BYOB!

Here’s a video from last years picnic.

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The Tucker Files: Doing Better

We finally had a nice day here in Southern Ontario.  We took Tucker for a hike and a quick swim, since it has been over 10 days since “The Surgery”.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

running down the trail with gusto! (slightly out of focus, I’m working on this!)


Swimming in the river:


Checking out the scenery..(again, slightly out of foucus)


The car ride…


And now all brushed and checked for ticks, resting with his best buddie…a great (almost) summer day!


Good night everyone!!  Thank goodness summer is almost here!

Top 5 Other Breeds I Love…

1. The German Shepherd.  Intelligent, protective, gentle, noble, and heroic.  An amazing breed that, similar to the golden retriever,  has been over-commercialized.  Yes, they shed.  I don’t care!

English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczare...

English: A German Shepherd dog Polski: Owczarek niemiecki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. The Greyhound.  I would love to own a greyhound.  Specifically, I would love to rescue a retired racing greyhound.  This is still on my bucket list.  There is just something about that long nose and those beady eyes!  They also don’t seem to be a problem in the shedding department.

Trooper Retired Greyhound

Trooper Retired Greyhound (Photo credit: hpeake666)

3. The Newfoundland.  Perhaps it is because I am Canadian, but these dogs are like Nannys, or lifeguards.  A very gentle family pet. If only they didn’t drool so much.  Actually, I could live with this!

A sixteen-month-old Newfoundland named Smoky, ...

A sixteen-month-old Newfoundland named Smoky, who weighs about 140lb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.  The Doberman.  Another gentle giant. Excellent with children, and (I think) very little shedding for this negatively exploited breed.  Tucker’s best friend is a doberman.  My daughters’ have a male named Fletch at their dad’s who sometimes gets to romp with Tucker.

Doberman with natural ears.

Doberman with natural ears. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5.  The Rottweiler.  A “doberman on steroids”  Why wouldn’t I want to own one of these big babies?  Look at that face!

Male Rottweiler, 1½ years old

Male Rottweiler, 1½ years old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you can see, I am partial to the large breeds.  I have nothing against Pit bulls, but have never had the pleasure of actually interacting with one (they are presently banned here in Ontario.)  A boxer is another great breed.  Oh, there are so many!!

Blue Jays trade: Will Ontario’s pit bull ban prompt Mark Buehrle to spurn Jays?

Golden Retrievers form rock band, play gigs

Well, not exactly, but there is a band that keeps creeping up in my Google searches, and I felt the urge to blog about them.

The Golden Retrivers, from Ontario, Canada

Some of my posts lately have been rather serious, so here’s one for “Just for Fun”

Here in Canada, close to my hometown, there is a band of four guys who have been together for a few years, and call themselves “The Golden Retrievers”  They are an alternative funk/rock jam band who play local gigs.  They describe their music as a “soul sockin’, hip rockin’, down home, nitty-gritty bag of explodin’ dynamite that you just gotta’ dig”.   Keep your ears on, maybe you will hear them being played on a radio station near you someday!

Here’s a video, they are actually sound pretty good.   Bet our goldens would love them.