Golden Retrievers trained to sniff out Truffles in Oregon

Golden Retrievers are such a versatile breed.  They are therapy dogs, hunters, athletes, guide dogs, and the ultimate family pet.  After reading an article in the New York Times, we can add one more talent to this list.  Truffle Hunting.

Kim Hickey and Erik Campen were walking their two golden retrievers Sasha and Ashleigh through the forest and were surprised when Sasha zoned in on a truffle and began to slowly wag her tail.  Kim and Erik, as well as their dogs, have taken the course at the NW Truffle Dogs School in Oregon and consider themselves amateurs.

Photo: Nick Czap for The New York Times

Truffles grow under the forest’s mulch, or a few inches under the soil and are difficult to find, and depending on where you are in the world, you will pay anywhere from $400 – $1,600 a lb.

Here is a short video on training your dog to be a Truffle Dog

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