Golden Retriever Rescue Featured on “Ellen”

Wellesley, MA – On December 22, Wellesley Firefighters and Police rescued Crosby, a golden retriever, after she had run out on the ice  on the Charles River chasing a squirrel.  The story made national news, and was even featured on People and CNN.

On January 10, the Wellesley firefighters posted on their Facebook page

I am going to have to post this very slowly to fully allow it to sink in….On Tuesday the 14th, four of our Wellesley Firefighter members will be on the Ellen Degeneres Show!!! One more time to allow it to marinate for a bit….Four of our Wellesley Firefighter members will be on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday the 14th…

Crosby - Wellesley Firefighters/Facebook

Crosby – Wellesley Firefighters/Facebook

Today on Ellen, the firefighters were featured, along with Amy Kopinos, Crosby’s owner.  The firefighters, Wellesley Fire Captain Jim Dennehy, Paul Delaney, Dave Papazian, and Joan Cullinan,  were each awarded with a PFD and a Caribbean vacation. Crosby was also gifted with a life jacket!

Here’s video of the original story courtesy of Wellesley Police:

Another reminder to keep those doggies close near frozen waters!!

75 Years! The 2013 Golden Retriever Club of America National Specialty

If there was anywhere in the world I would like to be right now, it is in Wichita Falls, Texas, at the Multi-Purpose Events CentreThe Golden Retriever Club of America is celebrating 75 years and a national specialty they have named “Denim, Diamonds and Gold”  hosted by the Dallas-Forth Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club.  Approximately 1500 golden retrievers have traveled across the country and from other countries like Canada to throw their hats in the ring in competitions in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, rally and field trials taking place from October 20-30, 2013.  Spectators are welcome, and admission is free!!!

GRCA National Specialty 2013 Denim, Diamonds and Gold - Official Logo

GRCA National Specialty 2013 Denim, Diamonds and Gold – Official Logo

Check out their website here for a schedule of events and lots more information.

To stay up to date, follow their Facebook Page 2013 GRCA National Specialty

Here’s a video of Best of Breed at the 2010 GRCA National Specialty, to give you a taste…(sigh)

The 2014 Golden Retriever National Specialty will be held in Asheville, NC on October 25 – November 1st.  Click here for details.

Congratulations to The Golden Retriever Club of America on 75 years!!!!

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*If anyone has any photos, wins, brags or news to share from this event, please email me at   I would love to hear from you!!!

Golden Retriever Dies after head stuck in BBQ Smoker

Curry was a beautiful 5 year old golden retriever. Earlier this week her head became lodged in a BBQ smoker, and when her owners couldn’t free her, they called the Los Angeles Fire Department. They spent over 90 minutes trying to free Curry, who died of her injuries at the local veterinary hospital.


in a letter Curry’s owner sent to the Los Angeles Fire Department, it explains the frantic efforts the firefighters made to try and save this beautiful girl..

They gave her water, oxygen, tried to get her head back through the pipe, and when they realized it wasn’t possible, they cut through 1/4″ stainless steel and cut away the 3″ thick wall of clay, cut through the 1/4″ thick stainless metal pipe, used the jaws of life to pry apart the metal, all while vacuuming up the clay dust created in the oven so that she could breathe

Our family will forever be thankful for all that the brave firefighters did to help Curry, and that they persevered so that she didn’t die in that situation in front of our young teenage sons

Curry’s owners suggest she may have died from the heat and stress of the situation. So, so sad.

Here is a story from the LAFD News and Information blog, with a larger excerpt of the letter, and some helpful tips to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening

LAFD Tenaciously Works to Save Pet Dog, Owner Shares Story

Golden Retriever of the Month – Denali

Denali is an 11 year old golden retriever from Ohio who graces the cover of many greeting cards.  Denali’s owner, photographer Madalyn Ruggiero says he loves jumping up on the table and sits and waits to be adorned in the day’s costume.  Some days, he’s not in the mood and she has to work around his schedule.

Madelyn and Denali – Behind the Scenes – YouTube Video


Madelyn and Denali have appeared in the local newspapers on many occasions, and even on the local news.

Denali loves peanut butter, doggie ice cream, and beef sticks.  He doesn’t have a particular favorite toy, but is obsessed with snow and loves making snow angels.  He sleeps in his mom’s room at night and isn’t afraid of fireworks or thunder.

Denali was recently diagnosed with nasal cancer.  Madalyn explains:

Last fall Denali started having lots of thick mucus coming out of his nose.. I took him almost every other week to the doctor. In the end of October the mucus turned into blood and that scared me. My doctor recommended I take him for a biopsy. I took him to Michigan State Vet School for a biopsy. Denali had some problems during the biopsy and was loosing a lot of blood. After they got him stabilized they found out he had cancer. The tumor in his noses was blocking air-flow completely on one side and was starting to go to the other. A friend suggested I take Denali to Ohio State University Vet Medical center and that’s where I met Dr Cheryl London. She’s a well know oncologist who was doing a nasal cancer study. Thankfully, she gave me hope and Denali is has been enrolled in the program since last November.

Face of Local Greeting Card Line Battles Cancer – The Toledo Blade

Denali has a new little brother named Sir Wilbur who has given him a new zest for life.

Together they are making some pretty cool greeting cards and living the life!  Did I mention they like watermelon?

and car rides?

You can check out their Blog or Facebook Page to follow their story.  I urge you to help out this golden-loving artist by purchasing a card or two.  They are very reasonable and you will have them on hand for that last minute occasion!

Purchase Denali and Sir Wilbur’s Greeting Cards

Here are my cards that I received from Madalyn.  (who needs to show me how to take a decent picture!)


One thing is for sure – Madalyn has found her true calling with her “subjects” and is getting double golden love at the same time.  I wish her and the boys the best of luck.  Belly rubs and kisses to Denali and Sir Wilbur.

Golden Retrievers on the ground in Moore, Oklahoma

The LCC K9 Comfort Dogs are once again called to action in Moore, Oklahoma after a tornado devastated the community, and the casualties are still climbing.   It is really kind of sad having to post so often on their appearences at the tragedies occurring for my neighbours to the South.  They are in my thoughts and prayers.  Ruthie, Barnabas, Kye, Bekah, Zeke and Lila are on their way in this photo from their Facebook page.  Please click here to donate to their efforts.

LCC K9 Comfort Dogs Ruthie, Barnabas, Kye, Bekah, Zeke and Lila and handlers on the way to Oklahoma (Facebook)

Another golden retriever is part of the rescue and recovery efforts.  Chief and his handler Andrew Pitcher from Nebraska Task Force 1 are part of a group of 8 teams searching for survivors in the destruction.

Chief was rescued from Roice Hurst Humane Society in Clinton, CO.  His guardians are Barbara Phelps and Michael Walker. Chief was named after gardener Mike McGroarty from Mike’s Backyard Nursery.  His nickname was “Chief”

Andrew Pitcher and Chief - Nebraska Task Force 1

Andrew Pitcher and Chief – Nebraska Task Force 1

Here is an amazing article from Search Dog Foundation – whose slogan is “from rescued to rescuer”

8 SDF Teams Searching For Survivors in Moore, Oklahoma – Search Dog Foundation

Meet Ace – The Bike Riding Golden Retriever from Indonesia

Introducing Ace, the scooter riding golden retriever from Indonesia who has captured the hearts of many, including some local news stations.  He even has his own helmet and goggles!


Ace is owned by Handoko Njotokusumo of Surabaya and you can visit their Facebook page here.