Golden Retriever of the Month – Shadow

Shadow likes to consider himself an “Ivy League Dog” as he hails from Princeton, NJ.  He now lives in the “Buffalo burbs” His name is inspired by the dog in the classic movie Homeward Bound.

This is where it all began…


From an early age, it was clear that Shadow was going to grow up to be wise and clever, just like “Shadow” (Homeward Bound reference)


Here’s an adorable puppy shot…with a great story behind it.  In the words of Shadow’s human mum ” The raincoat – that was during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Someone at the front desk of our building left a note that said “Please give to Shadow the puppy.” He wore it like a champ as we went outside no less than 10 times during the hurricane – from the 10th floor of our apt – so praying every time that the power wouldn’t go out on the elevator. It did help keep him dry – but the wind was blowing him up and down the sidewalk.”


Judging from the following photos, I would say this statement is most likely true….I want a sign like this.  (Craft idea!)


One of Shadow’s favorite pastimes is sunning himself on the Niagara River.


Shadow is no stranger to snow.


Shadow feels like his life has true purpose while chasing trains, another favorite pastime….look at that determination!


Shadow and his uncle Leo sometimes like to get into mischief.  This photo definitely says “busted” to me!


Sometimes they just like to lay at the top of the stairs (guilty!!! – no eye contact)


Shadow is a serial napper, and loves to sleep in.  This guy still knows how to work a camera in his sleep.


One of his favorite spots, top of the stairs. (just like my Tucker)


Shadow’s human-dad travels for work, being a sports reporter and all.  He never misses a moment to skype when dad is off on “the business stuff”


His owner says he “loves belly rubs, and has no shame in offering you his belly”


Shadow, handsome golden retriever, Twitter sensation.

I will leave you with a video of Shadow and his Uncle Leo.  “Leo does not like the phone”

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Golden Retriever of the Month – Harper Lee

Introducing Miss Harper Lee from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was named after the famous author of To Kill a Mockingbird.


Harper Lee has an award winning blog “The K9 Harper Lee” that is written by her, she actually does the blog posts herself, really!


In her blog she likes to share cool ideas, like recipes and stuff, tested by her of course!


She is quite the princess, and her favorite color is purple.


Harper Lee turns 5 on Monday, March 17 and is already celebrating.  Happy Birthday sweetie!


One of her favorite times of the year, Mardi Gras!


Another fun fact, Harper Lee has a miniature horse friend named Penny!


Someone looks like they are spoiled with lots of stuffie toys..


Even though she is a delicate princess, sometimes she likes to get a little crazy.


HL loves to cheer on her favorite team with her humans.


and help them out in the garden whenever possible


Time for an adorable puppy picture!!!


Harper Lee is also on Instagram. Here’s one of my favorites of her.

Do I smell rain? #goldenretriever

A post shared by Miss Harper Lee (@thek9harperlee) on

You can also check her out on Twitter and Facebook !  Stop by and tell her The Daily Golden sent you.

The best lesson I get from Harper Lee’s blog? Always take time to stop and smell the roses!


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Golden Retriever of the Month – Troy!

This is Troy from Southern California. He is a 9 year old golden retriever that was found on Craigslist at the age of 6. The ad read: “5 year old Golden Retriever needs a home.. please call.” It had no photo, and no reason why. Troy went to his “furever home” that night with his new owner.


Troy’s favorite treats are anything sweet potato or peanut butter! His human says “His favorite thing in the world to do is swim. I have to force him to stop or he would literally go for hours. He doesn’t even need anything to chase he just wants to swim, but his favorite thing to retrieve is definitely a stick


Like most goldens, Troy likes to bring you things when you come home, or to company when they arrive – “One of Troy’s quirks I guess would be he HAS to put something in his mouth when I get home, or when someone comes over. His usual choice is the remote control that sits on the coffee table. If that’s not there he goes for a shoe, a water bottle, a dish towel, or anything he can find that isn’t an actual dog bone or toy.” (Tucker is the same way, thankfully he hasn’t tried it with the remote yet, its usually shoes or bones!)



I discovered Troy through Instagram, and wanted to share a few photos of him at the permission of his owner. You can follow Troy on Instagram at @janellekayli and on Facebook at

Here’s some pictures of Troy doing what he loves best, amazing Instagram photos I might add…

Back to the beach and my boy 💛 #goldenretriever #goldenlove #thedailygolden

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Unfortunately, “Troy was diagnosed with lymphoma Aug 2013. He went into remission after 6 chemo treatments. He still has 3 months left of chemo but so far so good. He’s had only positive reactions!” You can follow his updates or donate to his treatments here:

#k30day – silhouette. Troy in pV. #palosverdes #silhouette #ocean

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Despite all of this, Troy likes to live life to the fullest…


Thankfully, Troy is in great hands! Wishing you all the best Troy and Janelle!


Golden Retriever of the Month – “Riley”

Our golden retriever of the month for September, 2013 is Riley from Southern California.  He has is own Facebook page “The Adventures of Riley” that I very much enjoy.  Riley will be turning one year old on September 28th.

This sweet little guy’s favorite activity is to run and play with other dogs.  Riley’s human says “ Riley is the friendliest dog you’ll meet, but he won’t give you the time of day if you have a dog with you.  His only desire is to meet your dog, and then play with him.”

The Adventures of Riley - Facebook

The Adventures of Riley – Facebook

Riley likes his Chuckit toys, but couldn’t help himself when it came to the launcher…(Tucker’s looks the same way!)

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

His favorite toy is a stuffed giraffe.

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

He has his very own pool..

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

and gets to shop at Three Dog Bakery!

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Riley has appointed himself neighborhood watch dog, and takes this job rather seriously..

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Did I mention he makes the most adorable Christmas elf?

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Here’s a puppy photo of Riley at 5 weeks old..

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Thanks Riley, for being our “Golden of the Month”

Stop by his Facebook page and wish him a happy birthday, and tell him The Daily Golden sent you!

If you know a golden retriever who would make a good “Golden of the Month” email

Golden Retriever of the Month – “Barney”

Introducing “Barney” our Golden Retriever of the Month for July 2013.  Barney is 8 years old enjoys basking in the sun at his home in New Zealand.


Barney was born in Wales and has done his share of travelling.  He even has his own passport!


Barney loves the ocean and swimming.  And sticks!  Little ones….


and big ones!
Barney can often be seen rolling on his back.
Barney enjoys playing in the sand, but doesn’t enjoy the bath afterwards!
Here’s what Barney’s human Samantha says about him:
His favorite food is garlic bread and cat biscuits and he loves giving me hugs when I come home from university. He never barks, apart from when he sees people getting hugs as he wants hugs too! He likes to play tug with his rope toys and fetch with balls. Whenever he sees me he grins and crinkles his nose and makes cute growly noises like a laugh! I love Barney more than anything.”
Here’s a photo of Barney being groomed in the sunshine on his favorite bench, along with his “human” Samantha.
Barney is recovering from an injury that left him unable to walk for a few months so he has been a little sad.  Hope you are feeling better soon Barney!!
You can see more of Barney on his new Facebook Page.  Stop by and send your well wishes, and tell him The Daily Golden sent you!

Golden Retriever of the Month – “Goldeny”

June’s Golden Retriever of the Month is Goldeny,  who will be 2 years old on August 13, 2013.

Goldeny has her own Facebook page and YouTube channel is often photographed with flowers in her “hair”


Like Comfort Dog “Prince”, Goldeny also appeared in her “sister’s” school Yearbook.


Goldeny’s favorite toys are squeaky toys…and socks!


This pretty girl was featured in American Dog Magazine “Super Dog Beauty Pageant”  She was 49th place out of over 350 entries.and also in a feature entitled “Famous Dogs on Facebook with Friends”


Goldeny, in typical golden fashion, also loves to visit the beach!


Her “human sister” has been working with her learning tricks.  Goldeny participated in “Dog Idol” in “El Morro Pet Fest” activity and won 2nd place in the trick and obedience category.earlier this year.  She is also an agility student!

Here’s a video of Goldeny doing tricks with her human.  It starts out with basic stuff, but by the end,  her tricks will amaze you!

Great job!  Good luck to you Fabiola and Goldeny, in all your endeavors!